Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Cosplay at Anime Reactor!

Anime Reactor pictures!

That's ALL the pictures. But here's the Hagaren ones. Unlike another con report of FMA cosplay, mine doesn't have a lovely story to go along with it. ;_; On to the lj-cut!

Confused cosplayer, can't decide what to where, feel free to ignore the Saturday night insanity...

Yay! Ghetto Winry. Couldn't resist--the lack of Winry's and the profusion of Ed's demanded I do this.

And now a pathetic attempt at RoyxEd fanservice from two non RoyxEd fangirls. (But we thought of you who are!) Heh.. in my 'sexy' Ed mode. Note the shirt: that's what makes it the sexy mode. >.> ;; Feel free to ignore me again...

And a look at my booty from the con (plus a couple things I won on Ebay about a week or so ago that I haven't shared yet):
Large picture to get detail of all the tiny figures.

The end!
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