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24 October 2004 @ 08:26 pm
Some Icons  
So blah... I made some Hagaren icons! I have a coupler slightly older ones I never posted here (for reasons unknown) so you'll have to check out the two (and only) entries over at rewritten_icons to get them all.


Enjoy. Comment over there if you feel like taking any, and feel free to friend that comm.


X-posted in my own journal.
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well what the hell, everybody already hates me: NINETY DEGREES OF TERRORkofi on October 25th, 2004 01:46 am (UTC)
Only one crit, and it's for icons in general: it'd be a good idea not to mix Japanese and English when adding text to icons in the future. It just looks goofy and inconsistent.

Otherwise, your icons are awesome. <3 I'm only not taking because they're too pretty and I pride myself in my worthless ones.
《 √esse 》innate on October 25th, 2004 02:24 am (UTC)
I really need to learn how to explain things when I post them.

If you go over to the community i linked, someone else commented on that as well, and I replied with an explanation.

Thank you, though. Constructive criticism is a good thing.
well what the hell, everybody already hates mekofi on October 25th, 2004 03:31 am (UTC)
:3 OK, sorry. <3 Definitely NOTHING against your icon making skills though~

Again, they're GORGEOUS. <3