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you know your obsessed list

was reading the list that everyone made....
and decided to put it all together in one big list cause i got bored...

so here it is XD
its really long O.@

i also added some of my own at the end *ninja*

edit: add a some more
edit again: and some more
edit yet again: wee added another one XD
edit again!!!!!!!!!! wee! added in another one X3

- You see a light-bulb and immediately attacks it, thinking it's Envy in disguise
- ....or you collect light-bulbs because you think it's Envy in disguise
- Come election day (for those here who can vote), you plan to do a write-in, and put "Roy Mustang for Fuhrur 2004"
- You're seriously thinking about chopping off your limbs and getting prosthetic ones instead
- You're reading up on any and all alchemy texts
- You're making a list like this one...
-You spaz out whenever someone might have possibly called you short. WHO DID YOU SAY WAS SO SMALL THEY COULD ONLY BE SEEN WITH A MICROSCOPE?!!!
-You don't find anything wrong with animated suits of armour with nothing inside.
-You find yourself doodling familiar-looking circles all over the place during a lecture. ^^;
-You can't see a Nissan car without thinking of Al and Ed.
-You think "Lust", "Greed", and "Envy" are perfectly fine names.
-when an adult mentions their young child you say "Oh fuck. Here comes the pictures and gushing."
-You buy FMA crap you don't even need.
-You cosplay FMA.
-You suddenly want to go to Europe.
-the world Fuhrer has lost all connotation with Adolf Hitler and only makes your think of Bradley.
-the seven deadly sins have lost all connotation with religion/actual sin and only make you think of the homunculi
-Your future son will be named Edward Elric
-You try to transmute something
-You think every suit of armor has Al inside it
-You're searching for the Philosopher's Stone
-You suddenly think that all guys named Edward are short and all guys named Al are in suits of armor. Also all men named Roy will be Fuhrer
-You dream of FMA
-You made an FMA community
-Anytime your teacher says the word "rewrite" you abolutely have to giggle
-Cigarettes aren't cancer-sticks fact, you've become rather fond of the look of them, considering they remind you of Havoc
- Not that you'd let anyone know it, but you're suddenly proud to be short.
- You always wear your hair in a braid.
- And you grew it out just to be able to.
- You brush up on your German/WWII history just so you are ready for the movie
- There is the Ouroboros on your clothing
-You walk by the Halloween-themed books on display at Barnes and Nobles, notice a book about the occult that just *happens* to have a something like a transmutation-circle on the cover, then do the clap-hands thing to it, and hope for a flash of bright blue light.
-You've reversed your policy on never dating tragically short long as he's ripped and lets you call him "Ed" sometimes.
-When your non-FMA-fan friends say "Let's go out trick or treating as the Seven Deadly Sins" and you instantly give them suggestions on how to dress for some of them.
-When at school your teacher makes a vague FMA reference discussion about gaining something by exchanging something you are the only one who raises your hand
-When somehow you can name all 7 deadly sins off the top of your head even though you've never read the little book.
-You doodle FMA doodles all over your schoolthings
-When you're doing the French Revolution and you hear 'Le Roi Louis XIV' you think 'Roi= Roy' because of french pronounciations of dooom
-When for some reason you go "OMG" when the name of a footballer reminds you of Hughes.
-When some random TV shows seem to make random unintentional references to FMA in general you go "OMG!"
-You hum various OPs, EDs or BGMs from the anime series in public places. (Dude, if I said I was innocent I'd be flat out lying)
-You hear 'Zepplins' and 'London' in the same setence you start replaying the London, 1916 scene in your head as the teacher is talking about the whole thing.
-When Hurricanes all of a sudden look like they have personas similar to the FMA cast. (Remember the Hurricane Jeanne=Jean Havoc thing?)
-When streetnames in your birthplace of Montréal Qc remind you of FMA characters (Edouard Montpetit [It has a 't' but we'll pretend it doesn't exist] and 'JeanHavoc Talon')
-You base your expectations in a mate after characters in FMA
-You've seriously considered/gotten a tattoo with a symbol from FMA
-You find yourself writing essays about the death penalty and cloning with references to FMA
-You've suddenly become conscious about how short you are
-When you're studying for SATs, you keep having to remind yourself that SAT doesn't stand for Standard Alchemy Test
-You have convinced yourself that blowing people up is funny. Very funny.
-You actively attempt to convert people to religions in FMA
-You dream about having sex with character
-You plan to one day become president/fuhrer/dictator/other leader of your country so you can fix it
-You have made multiple CDs of FMA music and carry them around everywhere you go
-Enlightenment era philosophers remind you of FMA characters/values
-You are seriously consider/have joined a military organization because of FMA
-You have developed an intense fetish for military-type clothing
- When you see that one car commercial where they list off some of the sins in reference to the car and get cheesed off when they don't do them all.
- When Kerry and Edwards are mentioned, you imagine Kerry surrounded by an army of Eds with fans thanks to that one image someone made.
- When you're convinced Bush is a homunculus.
- When you desperately want a kitten named Al.
- When you start an FF9 game file and name all the characters after FMA characters.
- You're talking about the mind, soul, and body theories of personal identity in Philosophy class and suddenly have little Al doodles in your notebook talking about them, and which ones suit characters in FMA.
- You attribute a large part of your good Philosophy grade to relating Al to the soul or memory theory of personal identity.
- You draw a FMA pic as your art midterm.
- When people refer to Al in a picture as "that robot guy" you instantly correct them with something like "He's a big suit of armor with a soul damnit!"
- You discuss which characters in your other-fandom MUSH would be what FMA character.
- You run off in the middle of the Otakon dealer room, loosing the rest of your group, because you must discover the source when you hear "Ready, Steady, Go!"
- You chase down FMA cosplayers on the street for pictures, despite the hundreds at the convention center
- You tried to justify the Cartessian dualism using equivalent trade
- You made a Japanese FMA fan marvels at your knowledge of FMA and related stuff.
-You have an Ouroboros tattoo
-Everywhere you go, you look at all the objects around you as potential transmutation weapons in case something happens.
-You tried to transmutate the queue line barriers for a rollercoaster so you can be in front.
-You've been buying ingredients to make your own homunculus.....
-You can't watch the Asian Kung Fu Generation or L'arc En Ciel PV without seein the OP to FMA in your head.
-You try to come up with more airplane related names.
~You search everywhere taking pictures of name that (building, street signs, cars, ads, stores, etc.) are related to FMA.
~Your room look like a FMA store
~You attept to peek under Al's loincloth at the Funimation's booth in the covention centre.
~your uncle's name is Ed.
~trying to get accepted to University Hohenheim in Germany.
~you did so much photoshop editing
~you bought all the books that you can find about Alchemy.
~you have an Alchemist charactor on Ragnarok Onling
~you hugged every Palm trees in Florida hoping one of them is the real Envy.
~you pierced your ears just like Winry.
~you went to a local tattoo store to get your Ouroboros done (hand, thigh, breast, chest, tounge, foot) on.
~you are looking for a contact lense that have an Ouroboros symbol on and put it on your left eye.
~you went to a local tattoo store to get your Flamel Symbol done on your left collarbone or on your left shoulder.
~you attept to play with fire just to be like Roy.
~you went to the gym everyday to get strong like Armstrong.
~you decided to chop your right arm and your left leg off and ask for automail arm and leg.
~you decided to join the police and pratice shooting at a human target and become good as Hawkeye.
~you let your hair grew out and dyed dark green.
~you hug every people look like the FMA cast and took a picture.
~you decided to have one of your organs remove that force you to cough up blood.
~you read a cooking book while fighting
~you trying to force a fox to bite your right shoulder and leave a scar
~you find a rectangle glasses and wear it everyday
~you took 4859734597975 pictures of your daughter and show them off
~you found a knift that look just like Hughes and kept it with you all day.
~you went to see Siegfreid and Roy show just because there Roy.
~you collected every single US and Japanese magizines that have pictures and about FMA.
~you bought all the Japanese and Funimation FMA DVD.
~you trying save up all of your money just to go to Japan in the summer of 2005 and become the first forenger saw the premire of FMA movie.
~you pick up a knife and scar your forehead a letter X
~you when out and get a bronze tan
~you wore red eye contacts everyday
~you even got a tattoo done on your right arm like Scar
~you found sunglasses just like scar and greed
~you got a glasses just like Fury
~you got a husky and his name is Black Hayate
~you are having a dirty dream with one of the FMA charactors.
~you got a glasses just like Pinko and Hohenheim.
~you got a tattoo done on both of the palm of your hands like Kimblee
~you wear crimson colour shirt everyday like Kimblee
~you even own all the Terminator movies because Archer is a terminator.
~you own the UK version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone movie.
~you own the UK version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book.
~you bookmarked all the forenge FMA fan and official websites.
~you have a desktop wallpaper of FMA
~you have all of your desktop icons of FMA
~you even have a screensaver of FMA
~you have your ringtone set on your cellphone with the FMA Opening or Ending songs
~you got a FMA phone charm along with it
~you went to get bronze colour eye contact just to be like Ed
~you eat all the food you can find that look just like in the Series.
~you stop drinking milk
~you went to a nearby abandon island and train there for 30 days
~you went and get a dreadlock just like Izumi
~you own all the tools just like Winry
~you want to help a pregnent lady giving birth.
~you went out in public with wild green hair and running around naked screaming for Mommy.
~you look in your bathtub full of water and making sure Sloth isn't in there
~you wore an eyepatch everyday just to be like Bradley and Roy
~you own 2 sabres
~you went to the cemetary and looking for tombstone of Maes Hughes, The Rockbells, Trisha Elric and put flowers down.
~you dig in Trisha Elric's grave for something
~you carry a chalk around you everyday and making transmustion circles.
~you wore a loincloth everyday
~you got a british accent
~you send a fan mail unexisting address to all of the FMA cities
- You try to follow Ed's way through Europe to find him and/or his relatives
- You jump at every Hagaren-cosplayer you see
-When your science teachers mention ROYGBIV, you scream out ROY! in the middle of class.
-You got a new LJ, hotmail, and AIM, just so you could be like Kimbley.
-You stand outside waiting for school to start and recognize people by referencing which FMA character they look most like. (Yeah...I'm like...waiting...and it's like..."Havoc...Roy...definitely Hughes...Riza....Riza...Riza...Havoc...Breda...Lyra...OMGKIMBLEY...Winry...")
- You disregard every theory ever made by Einstein because "Ed wouldn't have agreed with that."
- You claim to be a die-hard fan of Porno Graffiti, L'Arc~en~Ciel, COOL JOKE, and every other artist that did an FMA opening/ending, even though you've never heard a single song by any of them aside from the FMA themes.
- You're planning to go to Japan next summer, just to watch the movie, even though you don't speak or understand a word of Japanese.
- You decorate your birthday cake with FMA characters.
- After you watched episode 50 you went out and bought all of the ingredients to create an adult human, just in case.
- Photography suddenly seems that much more interesting to you.
- So do throwing knives.
- Maybe stubble doesn't look so bad after all...
- You frequently deny death.
- You've hacked your Sims game to make Death be an angelic form of Hughes, locked Envy up in a room until he died, and watched Hughes take Envy away to Hell.
- You name the characters in RPGs (like Final Fantasy) strangely... "MAES" and "ROY" would be good ones for old school Final Fantasy. XD
-From an interview you see on Sportsnet with #1 hockey Goalie, Martin Brodeur you instantly are reminded of the dutchman from FMA, Heymans Breda.
-When your brother from LA says 'Cya kikebojo!' on the phone you are tempted to reply 'G'night nii-san' (kikebojo is like the same thing as 'little sister' in amharic. And yes, it *almost* happened)
-You start thinking your provincial Premier and/or random Ministers are like the 7 deadly sins.
-The word 'havoc' has lost all connotation with 'destruction'.
-Your thoughts are plagued with nothing but FMA, FMA, FMA, FMA, FMA and FMA....

-when you make a character on FF11, to name it after a character from FMA and try to get them to look as close to the character as possible
-when you play FF11 and then become sad when they have no auto-mail
-when, while cosplaying as someone from FMA, run around a con with a lightbulb and refer to it as envy
-fly to a con just so you and someone else can cosplay as ed and female ed and start a new OTP
-when ed has hijacked your sketchbook pages
-your suddenly proud of your height because ur the same height as ed, but you dont let anyone know that
-your friends and family start calling you "Fullmetal Shorty" (oi... that so true with me...)
-you use the last of your money to get a pocket watch and carry it around with you everywhere
-you hug every suit of armor you see, just incase it has a soul
-you find a way to relate EVERYTHING to FMA
-go to a petstore and rename one of the animals after someone from FMA
-name your pets after FMA characters (i have a fish named Hughes and my brother has one named Envy XD )
-you make lots and lots of FMA avatars
-you attempt to make a replica of Ed... out of milk cartons XD
-while your on, you re-name your avatar to be something related to FMA
-you make things out of duct tape for the soul purpose of drawing FMA symbols all over them

-you are at a restaurant and look at the menu, you can't help but giggle at anything with the words bean or shrimp
-you spend more money on Hagaren merchandise than you do on food
-you talk rapidly about Hagaren, using words like 'Hagaren,' 'Jintai Rensei,' 'Touka Koukan,' etc... and only realize after you are done with your rant than none of your friends were able to follow past the fourth word...
-You have cats, and 1 is a miniature orange cat with gold eyes that you endearingly call 'Edo' and another is a fluffy brown/white tabby with brown eyes that you have named 'Aru'
-You call all people named Lisa 'Riza'
-You are assigned a research project and you decide to research alchemy, the philosopher's stone, homunculus, or Hohenheim
-You see an old fashioned car drive down the street and mutter, "What's Roy and Hawkeye doing here...?"
-You suddenly have a new found respect for anyone named David
-Your confused when your short friend doesn't yell at you for commenting them on their height
-You draw the same alchemy symbols on your hands as Kimblee and attempt to make someone explode
-You drive all the way to Manitoba along Highway #1 JUST to see 'Edward's Creek'
-You see any one with the last name Hughes and expect there name to be Mase and Gracia

-You make a denial poster and carry it around at school
-You add a random FMA picture to the end of a school report just because it looks cool
-Suddenly, everything is equivalent
-When your friend starts doodling circular patterns on herself, you suddenly grab her arm and wait for something to happen
-You giggle whenever you hear the name Hughes
-You make FMA crossovers with other anime
-You want to build a time machine

-instead of campaigns like "Save the Whales", you're starting one called "Save the Shrimps"
(Because of the above evil/wrong/omfg edit with Ed-the-gerbil-shrimp..)
Image that braught this one about:

-you get excited because the new sport ankle-support thing you just bought looks just like the things Envy wears on his feet
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