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Fullmetal Alchemist...Rocky Horror Style?

So, friend and I have this weird thing where we take one of our obsessions (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and mix it with another obsession(anime). It's an odd penchant for thinking of which characters from one of our favorite anime could play the roles in RHPS. We've done it with Kenshin, and now, after watching the movie tonight for the millionth time,

Our thoughts so far (feel free to chip in):

Frank N. Furter: Has GOT to be Envy, no question...

Rocky: She wanted Wrath, I wanted Ed(am a sucker for ed without a shirt)

Brad and Janet: Perhaps Roy and Riza, respectively?

Dr. Scott: Definitely heels....

*watches as the post spawns crack-edits*

Anyone got any ideas, or have I scared you with my freakishness? XD

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