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And so I bring you more art. Whee.

Ornate Mess, another title given to me by my art teacher to I all the angsty!Ed FMA goodness. -Grins-

The text, and the speakers, in case it couldn't be figured out:

(Whoa, I just noticed that the damn scanner cut off the top half of the best line on there...><; )
Kimbley: I can't wait to see the look on his face when they tell him you're never coming back

Kimbley: (By the array, which is from Ed's point of view as that hand reaches for his face...yay...boom.) "Say hi to Gran when you get there, kid!"

Al: (Yes, that's supposed to be Al. I suck.) "Niiii-saaaan!!"
Ed: "Aru!!" (Repeat this in various places throughout the picture...oO; )

Roy: Come back to me, Edward...
Roy: " you ever...regret?" (Line from my fic Unsettling Affairs, part unknown, because it's not transferred to fic format yet.)

Ed: "If you see Roy...tell him I'm not giving up..."
Ed: I'm sorry...Aru...
Ed: I still love you...

Ed and Roy: It's raining... (I love that line...@_@)

Yay for angst. This picture is technically for my fic I suppose, it's with Ed standing in front of the Gate after Kimbley blows him up, flashbacks by Ed from right before he died and of Al because I needed something to fill that space...and Roy when he found out that Ed was dead.

Aaaaand another one, my teacher gives me the title "The Fallacy of Pop Culture" and I immediately think of Greed for some reason. Envy popped up there eventually too, I don't know why...

Yay. I can't draw Envy's face. I suck. Pelt me with stones. Thank you. -Walks off-

Feel free to throw heavy, sharp objects. I don't want to live through it if you throw things. ^^
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