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A little post of graphical weirdnesses...

So, I'll contribute my little post of weirdness...the last one in date was the bad shrimp joke^^;.[with wonderful edits though]...

...Yes. Envy's closet. All the shirts he never shows anyone.
Graphical cheapness, done in MS Paint in 15 mins time-invent some too?

Edit: the 'too sexy for this shirt' is of course inspired by DarAzriel's AMV 'I'm too sexy' which I very much recommend.

AND...Sin beauty products advertising campaign!
[Wiccat's icon is responsible for the Envy toothpathe and Lelldorin is responsible for the Gluttony Air Freshner]...Originally drawn for...err.I don't remember what the initial post was about-but it wwas drawn for Wiccat and Lelldorin ~.~.

Me? Drugs? Why, of course not.
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