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A sampling of the dialogue changes to come!

Yay! We have honest examples of the soon to be airing dub!
Don't get the wrong impression, I don't hate it or want to make fun of it, (I think it's not bad) but since the Adult Swim video came out I just figured they'd be changing some of the lines. ("Behold the power of science~!" ...Though I thought the re-written dialogue between Al and Ed about the dead coming back to life was the most 'bleh~')

So, for those who are interested, I did my best to copy them as I heard them from the clips (I'm not sure about Cray's first line, eh) then tacked on the original japanese in romanji -and- for comparison purposes, the translated lines as from Anime-keep's sub of it, because their lines are pretty much on the dot, at least in these scenes.

In one or two instances I put my additional translation [in brackets] either to go for a complete literal translation or to clarify an element.

So, on to the

bold = dub lines
italics = japanese romanji
neither = ani-keep's translation
line changed [major] [minor]
additional line/words
different/unusual word choice
missing line/words
[alternate translation - for clarity or specifity]

**Clip 2**

Don't worry young one.  Your brother will join you soon.
Shimpai nai. Oniisan mo sugi ni ikimasu yo.
Do not worry. Your older brother will join you soon.

Ah! Cray! What are you doing?
C[l/r]ay-shikei, nani wo...!
Accountant Clay, what are you doing?

These two are enemies of God. This is His will, Rose, not mine!
Koyatsura ha kami no teki! Subete ha kami no go-ishi desu!
These people are enemies of God! This is God's will!

I don't think so, mister.
Aa, bikkurishita!
That suprised me.

I got it, I got it!
Aa! Boku no atama!
My head!


Aaah! He doesn't have a head!
Dounateru no! Kubi kugi...!
What's going on? His head...

Yeah, that's Al.
Dou mou kou mo...
There isn't much to explain.

Please don't be scared Rose. This is how I am.
Kouiu koto de.
This is how it is.

Y-you're not there.
Nakami ga nai..
There's nothing inside...

It's true, I don't have a body, but I'm here. This is my punishment for setting foot on holy ground where mortals are forbidden. We made a mistake Rose, and we're paying for it.
Kore ga, hitotoshite okashite ha narai seikin ni fumikonde, batsu, to iu yatsu sa.  Boku mo, niisan mo ne.
This is punishment for venturing into an area humans are prohibited from entering.  My brother and I were punished. [Me, and my brother too...]


Rose, wait!

**Clip 1**

Don't let them worry you, Rose. You forget that the great Sun God Leto [liito as opposed to leto] has blessed me with the Philosopher's Stone. Besides I have far more experience than these heretic boys did.
Anzuru koto ha nai. Watashi ni ha Leto-shin yori sazukatta kono kenja no ishi ga aru.  Sore ni karera no you na mijuku mono demo nai.
Do not worry. I have the Philosopher's Stone that Leto gave me. And I'm not an amateur like them. [I am not weaklings like they are.]

Don't be stupid. No matter what kind of powers you have some things can't be done.
fuzakkena! donnani daishou haratemo dekinai koto ha aru!
Don't kid us! There are things that cannot be done no matter how much you try. [ matter what your payment.]

Oh, then why are you so anxious to get the stone? You want to beat the laws of  equivalence just as I do, and bring your mommy back!
De ha naze kenja no ishi wo housuru? kore ga areba haha no rensei ga naruto omoteiru no darou!
Then why do you seek the Philosopher's Stone? You must think that you will be able to transmute your mother if you use this. [You must think your transmutation of your mother will work...]

Wrong, holy man!
kanchigai sunna hage!
Stop assuming things, baldy.

All we want is to get our bodies normal again. See, we don't lie about what's possible. We didn't start a cult!
oretachi ha motto no karada ni modoritai dake da. mottomo, modorerukamo, dakedo na.
We just want our regular bodies back. Although there is a chance that it might not work. [That is, if it's possible to go back.]

We will ask one more time, please give us the stone.
mou ichido dake iimasu. kenja no ishi wo watashite kudasai.
We'll say this one more time. Please, give us the Philosopher's Stone.

You are damned State Alchemist. May the wrath of God fall upon your head.
kokka renkinjutsushi, kisamara ni kami no ikari ga kudaru.
National[State] Alchemist, God's wrath will fall upon you.

Stop hiding behind that crap! Get down here and I'll show you some wrath!
Orite koi dosanri! Kaku no chigai wo misete yaru!
Get down here, you third-rate magician! [You third-rater!] I'll show you how inferior you are to us!


**The End**

So, some changes were minor, some were not changed at all, and others were not so... 
My opinion is that the lines that suffered the most were the deletions, specifically "We just want our regular bodies back. Although there is a chance that it might not work..." and "This is punishment for venturing into an area humans are prohibited from entering.  My brother and I were punished."
But then, that's because it makes Ed's arm-clutching moment seem kinda meaningless now (as someone mentioned before) and also loses that sad moment of Al's speech were the camera focuses on Ed.

Hopefully some people found this interesting/entertaining/sad. It took far too much time ^_^;;
But if people are interested I might do something similar when the first episode airs?
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