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HagaRen dream..!

As a note to you all, I do not do drugs, and all this crazy stuff that I come up with is completely normal... for me.

That being said, I had a rather... interesting dream last night.

So, my younger brother and I (and one of my brother's friends) were walking around in Edinburg and it was pouring. (My brother and I went on a religious pilgrimage to Scotland over the summer, and it was raining constantly. I don't know how that randomly appeared in my dream...?? [EDIT: I KNOW!! I was eating shortbread last night, that's how! :B]) I was walking a little behind my brother and his friend, and at one point they turned a corner, and when I turned it after them I couldn't see them! There was an archway and an entrance to Halloween Adventure, so they obviously went through one of them.

So I went into Halloween Adventure.

I looked around a bit but couldn't find them, so I just frolicked around giggling at the Pokemon toddler costumes. (Yes, I swear this has to do with Fullmetal Alchemist.)

Finally, I found my brother and his friend! They had found some claw thing that they wanted, or something... um...

So we were walking around a little bit more, when suddenly... I found a Fullmetal Alchemist dub VHS! It had Full Metal Alchemist Guy and Envy on the front glaring at each other like they were from Yu-Gi-Oh! or something. The video was volume one and it was called "Crabapple Yams." I saw it and shouted, "AHH, JUSTIN (my brother), LOOK IT'S FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!!" Then I grabbed the video and hit myself on the head with it, which dented the video. :(

My brother looked at it and said, "It looks like crabapples." And I was all like, "No duh, genius." Then I repeated over and over that I wanted to buy it, but my brother was like, "Why can't we buy the DVD?" and I answered that it was because I already preordered the DVD. Then my brother suggested buying the Fullmetal Alchemist Super DVD Special Edition Set (which we had seen in the Toys-R-Us Big Toy Book or something) and I answered that I didn't know if Halloween Adventure had it. Then my brother's friend said, "Is this it?" and held up this big shiny green-and-gold box that he pulled out from under the table. The box said "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?" on it but INDEED IT WAS THE SUPER DVD SPECIAL EDITION SET!!!

My brother and I were like "YAY!!!" and we decided to buy it even though it was $385 (yes, US dollars in Scotland). (By the way, this Super Special DVD Set came with the first volume of Fullmetal Alchemist on DVD2 [I have no idea what a DVD2 is], a DVD2 player, a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and a model train.) I was worried because I had like two dollars and we were going to split the cost, but my brother said, "Don't worry, I have enough for it, you can pay me back later." (My brother is notorious for announcing to the world exactly how much money he has with him in his wallet, which is usually a ridiculously large sum of money. In high school my friends and I always threatened to mug him, since he would frequently carry over $100 to school.) So we got in line and I found some KinderEggs so we bought them also because KinderEggs rock. (I pointed out to my brother that they were JAPANESE KinderEggs, and when he asked how I knew I pointed to the kanji "本" on the packaging and said, "That means 'book'," as if that explained anything.) But since we were spending like $400 we agreed not to tell our parents about buying the Super DVD Set.

We purchased everything and exited the store and as soon as we walked out into the rain - WE RAN INTO OUR MOTHER! OH NOES!!! So we had to explain what the huge box we had was and how much it was, but she didn't seem to mind because she loves jigsaw puzzles. SO WE ALL FROLICKED OFF HAPPILY!!!

I swear this is my last post in the community for a few days. :D
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