angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

The DVD clips

I posted this in the topic that csakuras posted but since it's at the bottom/on the next page, I thought it'd be good to make another topic:

On the official English page, they have a DVD section and had two clips. They were down yesterday but I was looking at it out of curiousity if all of our pleading/crying/setting selves on fire worked in getting their [stalker FUNi peoples!] attention to fix it. XD

And it worked. =D

the clips

I've been listening to them over and over again to get a somewhat-clear opinion on the English take on the series. Cornello is cool. "SINNERZ!" XD

For some reason, Aaron's voice doesn't seem to fit the picture, though, when I simply listen to it without watching the footage, it seems fine. I guess I make too much of a connection with the Japanese VA with that hunk of armor. Or he was still settling in during that episode.

In any case, I think it's a good dub. I like the energy in it and it captures the spirit of FMA.

::wears an official dub defender button and runs around::
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