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FMA Dub: I have NIGHTMARES (Seriously, I DID..x_x)

Once again my subconscious decides to prove to me that I have no life. Or even less of a life rather. I had a dream last night. I can't remember most of it...but what I do remember, I fear.

Cut because I feel like it and the cuts are cute. Don't ask, I'm screwed up this morning. Okay. Nightmare about the dub.

Last night I was horrified by determining the dub actors for the first part of the cast and hearing a few. I have to say that Riza is a HUGE disappointment...I mean come that little clip thing on AS she's...wearing pink...and talking like a prep...I thought she was supposed to be WINRY or something...x_X; She seems more fitting for that role than Riza, that's for sure...

And then, I was thinking "Oh god...what about all the others...that we DON'T know yet...-shudder-" Well, looks like my dream confirmed how terrified I was about horrible voice actors taking my favorite characters and shoving them into a realm of fucked up I've never seen before in my life and never want to see again.

All I remember of this nightmare was Greed sounding like Goku, Wrath sounding like...oh hell I don't know but it wasn't just bad voice acting the LINES were screwed too and my GOD the person couldn't speak straight and kept saying the same thing over and over again like a RETARD I was like "NO FUCK NOT WRATH HOW COULD THEY!"

Here's a photoedit prompt for you guys:

Get a picture of really freaked out Ed....or rather, pictures of really freaked out anybody for that matter....and add the subtitle: "You're telling me THIS GUY is my VOICE ACTOR?!" It's fitting. My nightmare with Wrath and really horrible VA dubs was horrific. I hope to Ishbar that we don't have to actually live that nightmare. x_x;
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