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Give me a moment to Squee!!!

My FMA Trading Arts V2 Box came in today from Animaxis. Last time with V1 I went with Hobby Link Japan, but for some reason I shelled out the extra $25 and went with Animaxis.

GOD was it SO worth it. So here I am in my room opening them one at a time.

1 Metalic Izumi (bleh)
1 Metalic Ed (Eh..)
1 Metalic Bradley (Bleh)
1 Metalic Envy (Eh...)
1 Metalic Lust (Hmm)
1 Metalic "Extra" and the extra is Ed, Al, Winry all widdle baby kids! *_* So want that in color!

So suffice to say I've gone through half of these and I'm mighty cheesed that they're all the boring metallic. Then I start opening the last half of the box...

1 Color Ed (YAY!)
1 Color Hughes (SQUEE!)
1 Color Bradley (Meh but YAY COLOR!)
1 Color Izumi (Woot!)
1 Color Envy (Meh but YAY COLOR!)
1 Color Lust (YAHOOZAH!)

So yeah... my $100 bucks I think was well spent. Now if anyone gets their hands on a color version of the Chibi's I'd be more than happy to offer any of the metallics up for trade! *pokes at the Metally Sins as bait*

^______^ So yes I be quite happy!
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