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Sugoi~! <3

I am a new!b. Yes. -sobs- sephish got me hooked on Fullmetal Alchemist, and also FMA fanart a few days ago. Only on episode six so don't kill me. -pleads for her life to be spared-

I've been visiting this community from time to time and I also noted all the Ed/Roy yaoi fandom.. and.. lmao.

Incase you can't read it:
Edward: WTF?! This is worse than being called SHORT!! I AM NEVER going to be Roy's lover!! GET IT?! NEVER! ((Btw: Standing on a box*<--you should know why!*))

Roy: *dot.dot.dot.dot.* (Thinking:"Did he just call me Roy?")

Hughes: "GRRRR" (*Since selphish strongly believes in Hughes/Roy yaoi~ness possibility ^^ And plushie!Hughes is so cute. ;--;*)

Please ignore the sketchy ugliness of the image. XD I can draw better! I just.. got.. lazy..

I have a few Hughes fanart too, I might post those later.. with icons! 8D YAY.

-Note: I have no idea what the word in the subject means or even if it's spelled right. But it's fun to use it randomly! XD-

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