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Run for your lives! I'm making a post!!

Okay, so we found out the english episode titles and most of us have expressed our opinions.

And personally, I think mine are better.

Please note that the "real titles" are odd mixes of the fansubs' translations and my own translations. :B If you find any of the titles offensive because I'm making fun of the episode or something, sorry. :(((

1- Give Us the Real Plot plzkthx (Real title: The One Who Challenges the Sun)
2- The Retarded Bird Boyfriend! (Real title: Body of Taboo)
3- Let's Have a Seven-Episode-Long Flashback! (Real title: Mother......)
4- The Most Pointless Episode Ever (Real title: Transmutation of Love)
5- Obligatory Train Episode (Real title: Dash! Automail)
6- OMG FREAKOUT!!!! (Real title: State Alchemist Certification Exam)
7- HAHAHA I STOMP ON YOU!!! (Real title: The Night the Chimera Cries)
8- The Corrupt Crossdressing Butcher (Real title: The Philosopher's Stone)
9- This Episode Really Doesn't Have Anything to do with the Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military (Real title: The Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military)
10- In Which Full Metal Alchemist Guy Eats. A Lot. (Real title: Thief Psiren)
11- Full Metal Alchemist Guy's Swollen Cheek (Real title: Gravel Earth - Part One)
12- Full Metal Alchemist Guy Recieves a Love Letter! (Real title: Gravel Earth - Part Two)
13- Yumm, Dog Stir-Fry (Real title: Flame vs Fullmetal)
14- Scar is Teh Blessed (Real title: Right Hand of Destruction)
15- The Argument Over Who Gets to be Killed by Scar! (Real title: Ishbal Massacre)
16- Bicycle! (Real title: Lost Thing)
17- ARMSTRONG IS AWESOME (Real title: The House Where the Family Waits)
18- Denny Broche is Love (Real title: Marcoh Note)
19- Holy Effing... It's The Start of a Never-Ending Shounen Anime Battle! (Real title: The Genuine Truth Behind Truths)
20- It's Only the Second Episode of a Never-Ending Shounen Anime Battle! No Progress is Made!! (Real title: Guardian's Soul)
21- At Least the Pacing is Better Than Dragonball Z (Real title: Crimson Glow)
22- In Which Full Metal Alchemist Guy Goes "ASIGAIODFHUBNKLCVNXKLGJIADJHIPBSFDGIJSDGIFDSNHBIXFCHNKL!!!!!!!1" (Real title: Created Human)
23- OMGGGG SUICIDAL AL!!! (Real title: Heart of Steel)
24- WTF They Somehow Made a Story Happen While Al Angsts (Real title: Affixed Memories)

(Note: Please don't tell me that the word "retarded" is SO offensive because THERE ARE REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE RETARDED and it's NOT funny and OMGWTF so I SHOULD NEVER USE THE WORD LIGHTLY OMFG. I'm PERFECTLY aware of that fact, and I know several people who are retarded. But you know what? "Stupid," "dumb" and "idiot" ALL referred to medical conditions or whatnot way back when. But now they're acceptable to use?? Okay... yeah, that's my reasoning.)

Please don't stone me to death kthx.

Crossposted to haganenokokoro.
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