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Image gallery hosting please ?

Heyo. The title says it all: me has many pictures self-scanned from Animedia, Animage and Newtype(rather good quality), and well, relying on image hosting solutions is a bit hard (Since I like good quality scans, many are above 200KB, so it's a no-no fro photobucket -.-;.) and I actually LIKE having a 'real' site up^^; , so I was wondering if anyone could host my image gallery (or well, upcoming to the least) ?
My graphics skills aren't bad-I can always show an example.
I could say I'm the owner of the Armstrong Sparkles fanlisting-but my host being down, that would be totally irrevelent to judge my graphic skills ~.~...

Anyways, thanks to anyone who replies to this ^_^. Sorry to be a bother.
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