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Adult-Swim FMA Site

Didn't see this posted in the last couple days so I just thought I'd mention that Adult-Swim now has their FMA site posted. No footage, but they have up to episode 15 posted for summaries as well as the English versions of the titles. It looks like most of them are the same with the ones with more then one word getting a slight spin from what we seen Spoon and Sonchou translate them as.

01. One Who Challenges the Sun vs To Challenge the Sun
02. Body of Taboo vs Body of the Sanctioned
03. Mom...... vs Mother
04. Transmutation of Love vs A Forger's Love
05. Dash! Auto-Mail vs Mechanical Arm
06. National Alchemist Qualification Test vs The Alchemy Exam
07. The Night the Chimera Cries vs Chimera Cry
08. Philosopher's Stone vs The Philosopher's Stone
09. Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military vs Be Thou For the People
10. Thief Siren vs The Phantom Thief
11. Plain of Pebbles, Part 1 vs Older Brothers Part 1
12. Plain of Pebbles, Part 2 vs Older Brothers Part 2
13. Flame vs. Full Metal vs Flame vs. Full Metal
14. The Right Hand of Destruction vs Right Hand
15. Ishbal Massacre vs The Ishbal Massacre

Nothing too major really, lets admit it sometimes anime episode titles can get down right bizzare. Though for the most part FMA kept them normal, and usually fairly short.

I strongly urge you to click on the "characters" page, they did a piss poor job of making the pictures. You can tell they where sliced right out of openers on a lot of them *cough Hughes cough cough Roy cough*. Still I cannot wait to see this on TV and am throughly stoked and un-detered.

In other website news Funimation are still bitches who haven't updated their site since it went hot.

Also October 20th Animerica Magazine will feature all kinds of news on FMA.

EDIT: They also have footage that includes audio of Ed and Al's voices

One more edit, the "Director" of the show is also the voice of Riza Hawkeye.
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