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Deviant Art People!

Yeah, just for those who don't know, I maintain the Fullmetal Alchemist club on Deviant Art and every month, we have a friendly fanart contest with a theme and occasionally, a showcase. So yes, we have a contest this month again and I'm hoping to see a lot more entries from different people so I just decided to leave a message here. Yayz. =)

What's the contest/theme?

Every month at the time of voting for the previous theme (like now, we're voting on the winner of October's theme), I announce the theme for the next month. Usually, this is a single word that the artist is free to interperate; I've seen a lot of creative entries. =)

November's fanart theme is "meal". You have until the 15th of November (at noon, Pacific time) to send the club a note with a link to the entry.

Also, we're having a showcase for October in honor of the anime's first birthday so if you happen to have any doodlings to commemorate it, send it in. =)

Rules of Monthly Art Contests:
*One entry per person.
*The theme is always up to you to interprerate
*No copying (tracing or copying another artist's fanart/fanart ideas)
*No stealing (entering another artist's fanart)
*No submitting an artwork you've already submitted for another contest on this community.
*Nothing above the American PG-13 rating.

The DA Fullmetal Alchemist club

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