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I come bearing offers! If you've seen the fanfiction I've been writing, Unsettling Affairs, you'll probably be a bit more familiar with how I get my material.

That being said, I need some serious help! Do YOU roleplay? WOULD YOU RP FMA characters in a plot scenario type situation? If so...PLEASE DEAR GOD I NEED YOU PEOPLE! Is the site on which all the roleplay that I turn into my fanfic occurs. I currently have a limited number of FMA characters to work with, due to a limited number of people who are RPing with me and know FMA.

The characters are played as follows:

Characters I Myself Roleplay:
Edward Elric
Zolof J. Kimbley
Envy (Who can and will copy your displayed information exactly and become a nearly perfect copy if need be ^^)
Maes Hughes (TEMPORARY! Explaination: Instead of creating an account for Maes, I changed my Envy account to Maes...This is however only temporary, and I hope to have somebody else to be my Hughes, despite how much I love RPing how nuts he can be, I'll just end up making him have sex with Roy over and over...and my Roy is rather partial to the procrastination bit....which is why for the past week Roy and Hughes have been leading up to sex...x_X; One scene, it's just the official timing is one week so far since we started..x_X; I need a Hughes. Really I do. I have a signature, plenty of icons, every last one obtained from LJ and reuploaded to my photobucket, unfortunately without being able to credit so please just know that all icons used on that site by FMA characters are NOT MADE BY ME unless specified.)

Roy Mustang: Played by rinkori

Alphonse Elric: Played by nekoko

I'm really bad when it comes to my favorite characters, which is why I tend to play more people than I really should...because I'm afraid to see how somebody else will RP them and afraid it will be bad...x_x; YOU CAN STOP ME FROM DOING THIS THOUGH...I just won't give up Ed or Kimbley...Period...

Characters I NEED PEOPLE TO PLAY!!!!

Martel. It would be nice to have somebody as Martel, to give somebody else to be in the little group that Kimbley is in. Yes, in my RP setting, everybody's still alive (Cept Gran cause I dun like him...-cough- ) and Kimbley never betrayed Greed because that would make the fangirls sad, like me.
Dorochet. Same as with Martel, these are people that I'd like to have, but don't need desperately, unlike Greed.
Law. Once again, nice to have, not necessary to have.
Izumi Curtis. Because we need comic relief, and sometimes ninja housewives are the best bet for that.
Hohenheim Elric. His role might be really minor, but it'd be interesting to have him around.
Dante. Because our only real antagonist is Envy, Kimbley just killed Ed, Envy fucked with Roy's mind.
Lust/Pride/Wrath/Sloth. Because we need the Homunculus. I have somebody who would possibly like to be Gluttony though, hence why he isn't listed.
Winry Rockbell. Because she's a semi-main supporting character...not because I like her...I just don't like her with Ed...or Al...or Roy...or Havoc...or any of them really...her most canon pairing would be with Riza if you ask me.
Havoc/Fuery/Falman/Breda. Because we need more dogs of the military.
Riza Hawkeye. Because everybody could do with some discipline.
Tim Marcoh Just because it would make things interesting.
Nina/Shou Tucker. Because I want somebody to RP as the goddamn chimera! It's too cool!
Scar. Because hell, that would be cool. He'd fit right in with Kimbley...aside from the fact that they'd kill each other...
Ishbalites. Because dark skin and red eyes are FUCKING COOL.
Roze. I don't know why, but it seems like somebody who somebody would want to play, so I put that option...-Shrug-
The Tringham(sp?) brothers. Because hey, they don't get enough attention.
Alex Louis Armstrong. Mostly for comic relief and scaring people. Scaring them very badly. And the sparkles.
Anybody I forgot to mention, plus Original Characters! (Preferably Alchemists, since we're short on those and it would be more fun that way...e.e; )

If you are interested in RPing, please post a reply to this entry with who you wish to roleplay as, and once we get you set up, you'll be part of my fanfic! (Unless you don't wish to be, in which case I'll just cut out parts with you in them by request)

Thank you for your time, I hope I get some positive responses! I hope this isn't inappropriate to post here, I'll take it down if it is, just tell me so.

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