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And so she joins the photoedit war! WARNING! CRACK! INSANITY! Naruto?!

Yes. In a previous response to a comment on one of my previous posts here, I got the idea stuck in my head that ItachixKisame from Naruto was alternate universe KimbleyxGreed. It spawned my edits. I just wasted my afternoon. I am sad. But hopefully I can now scare the shit out of you. -Grin-

Greesame and Kimtachi, folks. Yes, my names suck. >>;

Aaaaand another Greesame and Kimtachi one...different take this time..>>'

OMG...I am so pathetic...I even changed Itachi's skin color to match the color of Kimbley's skin in the source photo I used...@_@; So sad...

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. THIS NEXT EDIT IS HOLYFUCKINGSHITSCARY. Not in a bad way, in the fact that I spent so much attention to detail that it's uncanny, and that's frightening.

Feel free to throw things, but I'd prefer they be either large amounts of explosives or large, heavy boulders that will kill me instantly, I don't like pain. -Cringe-
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