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Kind of a random observation, and I'm not sure if it's a spoiler...I know the second one might be, but I'll abuse me a little LJ tags instead of making enemies. XD

Armstrong comments that he's never heard of someone doing Soul Alchemy. This makes me wonder...it can't be something that Edward did on the fly (right? O_o), and there wasn't enough time for Ed to do a little quick research as he bled to death, so did he have the technique researched before they tried to bring his mother back? Is that why he just sorta brushed off Al's question about what they were trading for the soul when they tried to bring their mother back? Was Edward just planning on making her body, and bringing her soul back afterward?

This is the reason why you shouldn't let me sit and think for more than three minutes at a time. -_-;;

I'm totally disappointed in Roy. Completely and totally. I mean...if he went to the trouble to imitate Edward, the LEAST he could do is shimmy. Is that too much to ask? Yeesh.

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