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Photoshop Edit. =O Bet you never saw one of those before

I blame the crappyness of the actual edit on the fact that the only image editing program I have is Paint. Yes, Paint. No fancy name or version, just Paint. The free one.

It's actually made for luke_atmey, who's going to be RPing in a Highschool AU RPG as Excel. And I'm Envy (actyoursoxoff). And she's going to fangirl Envy until he begins thinking "Hey, suicides a really good idea. At least then I won't have to listen to HER anymore >.>"

[EDIT] Forgot to mention before umeko_pyon comment. If you wanna join the RPG, ask witchlamia. You can be any anime character.

We need a Roy for a principal, too.[/EDIT]

Original image:

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