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Yay for spawns of boredom!

Do you like Ed? Enough to proclaim it to the world? Or maybe to just a few friends? Then click away!

[edit] I took the badge down from this page since my bandwidth usage got too high. If you want the badge, go to the link below. ^^[/edit]

I got bored today, so I decided to start a club XDDD The only requirement is that you must like Ed. I guess if you want to join, just comment here saying so and eventually I'll put up a website with all your names. ^-^ And you can print out the cheapo badge I made and put it anywhere you want so everyone will know that you're craz...errr, in the club! ^^; Oh, and if you're a boy, I'm sorry. You can edit the badge if you want because, like I said, I was bored and I didn't really think through everything, lol.

Oh, and here is the official club website. I know it's cheap right now, but I'm gonna change it soon, but it's up enough for people to see what it's all about. http://www.geocities.com/dark_is_forever/foe.html

Oh, and sorry if this is totally random. ^-^;;;
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