parchment&ink (carmelised) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Royed anyone?

Ah I haven't seen much Royed fic recently, so here's my little contribution.

Author: vestige
Archive: None currently; open to hosting.
Category: Blatant slashy fluff, AU
Pairing(s): None, yet. Future Roy/Ed
Disclaimers: Mine mine mine mine...not
Rating: PG-13 (might go up to R in later chapters)
Warnings: Overdose of sugar ahead!
Notes: This fic ignores the events in episodes 30 onwards; so unless you haven’t watched those, it’s fairly spoiler free. Dedicated to abraxan. I'm going to miss you so much too ):

(fake lj cut!)

Comment, pretty please?

P.S. Can somebody suggest some good Royed doujinshi scanlations? I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!

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