Jen (kyuketsuki_miyu) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Something I noticed when rewatched episode 44



Ok, as I was rewatched episode 44 Al asked his dad why Homunculus can't use alchemy. And he anwersed it's because they came from the other side of the gate.

Now, this got me thinking. Since on the other side of the gate is the real world(our world), and that there are people in Ed's world that are like the people in the real world. So would this mean that when the Homunculus died in Ed's world and when they tried to bring them back does that mean they took the people that were like them from the other side of the gate? But woldn't that make them human because there from the other side of the gate or would the human trasmutation make them how they are?

Gomen ne if this sounds confusing. I'll try to be more clearer if no one understands. ._.

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