Love me like you love the sun (fish_twin) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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FRUITSbasket!FMA crossover-ness

was reading Fruits Basket the other day
and noticed the back of Kyos shirt
and i had to do this
i just had to XD

i now present to you
*drum roll*
KYO THE ALCHEMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies laughing*

like i said
it had to be done
it was begging for it
it realy was

then i took it a step further and made it into an avatar XD

some other random avatars you might enjoy:

wee!!! it makes no sense.... well... it kinda does... but..... o i dont know...

Yuki is now Momijis bitch *dies laughing*

and now i give you a crack pot doodle in MS Paint while i was in english class and my teacher wouldnt shut up:

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