Love me like you love the sun (fish_twin) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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AMV Dare

i have a dare for you guys

the other day i found a CD for $2
the band is called "Bitch and Animal"
and the band sucks ass

but the second song on the CD is like "WTF?" to the point where you cant stop laughing

i want to see if someone can make an AMV to that song

as far as how to get the song
you can try to find it... its called "Croquet"
or you can IM me on AIM and ill send it to you
ill either be on Relanir or m00nl1t_rh4ps0d1
Relanir will most likely be up... but me and my bro kinda share that one cause were to lazy to sign off that one...

edit: im a moron and spelt Croquet wrong
so i fixed it
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