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Eeep! Fiction...

Yeah okay, so the scariest thing I've ever done (or rather, am about to do) is share my fanfiction with the population that cares about what I'm writing about o_O;. So here goes a ~biiiig~ nothing XD;;. I have no idea how good of a writer I am (I haven't written a 'story' in a long, long time) but I guess I made it for my own personal enjoyment (which I'm sharing with everyone) than anything else.

So anyways, let me entertain you with a continuation to the FMA storyline beyond episode 51 ^_^. I hope you like it. It'll probably end up being several chapters long... and it'll keep me occupied for quite some time (read: it'll be the perfect excuse to do homework "later"). Oh and it's probably littered with spoilers >_>;

My fic! 'He Who Searches For Himself - Chapter 52' =3

*begs for mercy and watched the clock tick off the last few minutes before going to work* @_@;
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