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Odd Fan-isms

I was just wondering if there were any 'fan-isms' that have popped up in other online or real life groups of FullMetal Alchemist fans. If you don't know what a 'fan-ism' is then ...

A ‘fan-ism’ is . . .
- a word, phrase or name for something that other fans recognize.
- the association of a song, movie or just about anything else that is not part of the fandom with the fandom.
- Tradition or ritual before doing something related to the fandom.

Like the nickname Moofy/Moofie for Wrath. I only know of a few internet ‘fan-isms’ that have spilled out into real life at Cons and the like. I’m more interested in what fans do in real life, what they call things and what they do in groups.

The fans that I know in real life are a bit eccentric when it comes to FMA. We all watch it together. We talk about it at work. Every time one of us utters the word short we glare at them. And after repeated late night viewings of FMA to even more repeated late night listings to “Devil at the bottom of the Wishing Well” they all refer to The Gate as ‘Jane’ ... which annoys me to no end because they now call me ‘Gate’.

I figured that all the FMA wackos can’t be in Florida. So I want to hear from all the other fans out there!
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