Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Plushies and dreams

I got my plushies! A little Roy, a little Hawkeye, a little Al, and of course, a little Ed--"who you calling so little he'd make a better keychain than an alchemist!"--and I love them so~! They are TINY. I mean, they MIGHT be the size of lightbulbs, but only barely. And they really ARE keychains! Tiny tiny..CUTE! *is in her happy land*

I vaguely remember my dream last night. At one point I was apparently watching the FMA dub in it. But I could never remember what a voice sounded like cuz I was focused on the ep and not the voices. I finally payed attention in this dream land and thought "Hey! Ed sounds closer to his age than i thought he would!" Although the dream ep I was watching felt more like some mystery thing they were trying to figure out... at a council meeting type thing... I think "case closed" on adult swim being the last thing I saw before bed and reading a Valdemar book before finally sleeping mixed oddly in my brain as I slept. o.o

This spam brought to you by procrastination! No cleaning done and now Zra might be laste for class!
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