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Random post by ME ♥

So, I'm going to my high school anime club today. :DDD (Please note that I am in college. I'M A LOSER!! :DDD)

My brother is the club's vice-president or something (like I was before him! *wipes away a tear*) and he decided that since I'm coming to the club and I'm SO special because I'm one of the Legendary Original Members and I have a Silver Watch, they should watch Fullmetal Alchemist to celebrate. (Of course, I'M the one who has to walk all the way to school carrying my laptop because it's their only means of watching it.) My immediate response was, "DON'T WATCH EPISODES ONE AND TWO!! That would be a bigger waste of an hour than the time we watched Hikaru no Go episodes one and two!!!"

He kind of looked at me strangely and asked, "Well, then what episodes should we watch?"

"Episodes three and- wait..." I paused to think. "Episodes three and five!"

HAW HAW HAW!! I posted this here because I found it amusing but I thought that most of my flist wouldn't get it. :(((( Please delete if it's too off-topic and strange.

(PS- Apparently the current president of the club has only watched the Chopstick subs. I heard that and was like, "Okay, who chose this moron to be presi- oh wait, that was me.")

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