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More workload for SV-chan! XD

Sorry sv-chan, i couldn't resist X_x

ZOMG! The children learned how to sparkles!
I wanna go to this school and learn about the Armstrong sparkles!

And I finally Enrolled... So...

Here my class schedule:

1st period: Armstrong History Teacher: Mr. Armstrong
2nd period: Weight class 1 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
3rd period: Weight class 2 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
4th period: Sparkle class Teacher: Miss. Armstrong
5th period: Weight class 3 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
6th period: Earth/Space Science Teacher: Mr. Neil Armstrong

oy! I'll be wear out from different level of weight class X_x
By the end of the 1st semester I'll be muscular as Mr. Alex Armstrong. O_O
And guess who sit next to me in Armstrong History?!?! Edward Elric! XD XD

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