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13 October 2004 @ 01:23 am
FMA #51 and fanfics... (minor spoiler)  
Ehh... watched 46 straight through to 51, patted self in the back after finishing 50 and congratulated self for *waiting* until 51 came out before watching....

.... very... unexpected ending... I don't think anybody saw this coming, I certainly don't, and I do believe this is one of the very few endings that neatly collect all existing fanfics and drop-kick them all into the AU field. Hrmph. And hey, calintz was right, Ed did gave up his braid and use ponytail instead!

Nevertheless, quite a satisfying end, it managed to wrap up some very important issues nicely, and some aspects it wrapped up *very* satisfactorily indeed. Very rare for an anime for which the originating manga's ending is not yet known. I can't wait to see how the manga will do its own ending.

What do you all think?
naga_battousainaga_battousai on October 12th, 2004 06:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, one thing that I find very satisfying about the finale is that it is a true *finale*, not just a temporary stop-gap that resolves nothing and is really just supposed to tide you over until the mangaka comes up with the real ending in the manga. Here, we actually get an ending that wraps up all the story strands beautifully and the ends came from all the stands carried forward into their own logical conclusions. Nothing kills my mood faster than a forced, artifical ending, but this is most definitely not it. Huge kudos to the writers of this series, those talented people who's perfectly capable of writing their own damn good series if they want to :)