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Look what I just made!

I just did some little crafting tonight.. ^^;
I like to thank the person who scanned in the layout of this wonderful little Ed paper figure!

* gets a paper cut from Paper!Ed*
Me: "Ooww!" TT_TT
Paper!Ed: "I'm not little!"
*pick up a sissor*
Me: "How bout a new change to your hair?" *evil grin*
Paper!Ed: "Eeep!" *runs away*

Ahem.. Sorry about that.. ^^; Anyway, whoever scanned it in.. Thank you!!!

Now, check it out! ^___^

teh front

teh back

I did some little work on the photoshop, such as making the lines bolder and colouring him with the same colours from the official picture of Ed (any Ed you can find on the offical fma site).
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