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And we shall all wait for Chapter 41...

From what little Japanese I understand:

  1. Roy started to suspect Bradley. And he looked as if he was going to carry on with the 'mission'. He was seen looking at the map and discussing with the rest?
  2. Riza was being told off by Roy for some reasons I can't understand... ^^"
  3. When Fury asked her if he should take over her, she was blushing a little as she said no.
  4. Roy and Havoc arguing cracks me up. XD (Roy was asking why the f*** was he staying in the same room with Havoc)
  5. Hohnheim was asking Bradley why didn't he just killed Roy. I believe Bradley mentioned something about Roy being useful to him and that he did not open that door.
  6. Rose ish still alive!! That give people another reason not to hate Roy about killing Rose. XD
  7. Was that Xing Ed and gang travelled to? Or just the East? :3

Erm, at least not too much heart attacks in this chapter... Ehehehe~ But! No RoyAi moments!!!! (Only Roy telling Riza off)

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