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My own description of FMA 40.

Okay, we have a sort of quick major plot points post, and one that links to the scans, but I figured I'd post a full summary for those who are too lazy to go through all of those photobucket links..

Take note that my kanji skills are awful (and the raw is small enough that I can't read most of the furigana) and my vocabulary is very limited anyway, so most of what you'll get out of me is the pretty pictures and their katakana dialogue.

Now, without further ado...

The chapter begins with Ed and Armstrong arriving at Risenbourg. Breda seems to have been waiting for them there. (Edit: Also, Little Mei appears in the backround for one frame seemingly buying food or getting directions from some guy)

Breda leads Armstrong and Ed to a house where Fuu also is -- though in the disguise of a hip looking guy with a beard. (Edit: Okay, hip guy isn't Fuu, he's a smuggler. Though Fuu is still involved in this operation and does accompany them to the desert later in the chapter, but yeah, Hip Dude and Fuu = Different people.)

They all talk for awhile, Ed seems to get upset or at least irrational and starts yelling, Armstrong covers his mouth, and by the end of the conversation it seems that he agrees with whatever they're talking about/plotting. (Edit: They were talking about smuggling out of the country, while Ed was totally clueless about everything and just randomly dragged to Risenbourg by Armstrong, thinking it was to fix his auto-mail or something.)

It cuts to the hideout of the sins. Envy is yelling at Wrath while Gluttony is crying (probably because he's hungry/thirsty and didn't get to use his power.) (Edit: Actually, it's because Lust is dead. Duuuh x_x;...)

'Father' says some words to the sins, and gets up from the machine he's attached to. He says a few words to Wrath and appears to walk out. Envy stiill seems pissed off at Wrath for some reason. (Edit: Envy is pissed off at Wrath for letting Roy go after he killed Lust.)

It then jumps to Central. Al and Fuery go to visit Roy and Havoc (Yes, he is alive!) (Edit: Though can't feel his legs anymore, and therefore retired from Mustang's group) in the hospital. Riza is already there. They have a conversation while Fuery is waiting outside, and Al shows Mustang a map. There is a lot of dialogue at this point, and I didn't even bother attempting ot read it. I'm not sure what's happening, but I'm guessing that they're planning investigating the sins and military even deeper.

Cut to Armstrong, Ed, Breda, and Fuu riding horses across a desert, talking. They come upon some ruins (I assume the same legendary ones that were mysteriously destroyed overnight.) They stop there and talk and walk around for awhile. Ed sees a gigantic important looking transmutation circle upon ruined wall.

Afterwards they find Ross, who seemed to have been hiding out in the ruins. Yay, Ross is also alive!

It swaps scenes then to Hohenheim getting off a train in Risenbourg. The next few scenes are very similar to how he was introduced in the anime -- standing outside of the ruins of his house and then going to Pinako's. Den barks a lot at him and Pinako is surprised to see him.

They talk a little, and the chapter ends with a view of an old photo album Pinako had out that shows a young Pinako and Hohenheim drinking happily. The picture is dated September '66, and the Hohenheim in it looks pretty much exactly like the Hohenheim now -- meaning he didn't age much. (I personally therefore think that this chapter only hints that he's 'Father' even more, instead of showing that he's not. Since there obviously is something up with Hohenheim, and it blatantly showed 'Father' leaving the sins hideout and then suddenly later in the chapter Hohenheim shows up in Risenbourg...)

After the chapter in the back there is a little short chapter that seems to be a manga-ized preview by Arakawa of the new FMA PS2 game. In it two original characters, one that looks particularly important, are seemingly arguing. The important guy pushes the other away and starts to look evil. There seems to be a lot of petrified body parts around him, and he holds up a petrified arm and looks even more evil while yelling stuff.

It cuts to Fuery and some old guy talking on the phone, then Roy, Riza, and Havoc talking as they walk down a hallway.

It ends with a girl kneeling in a weird looking area. She's covering her face, and we can see hints of markings on it that look like a bee's hive. Someone who I assume is the guy who held up the petrified arm (He looks like him as far as the face and frontal hair style goes, but he has much longer hair now and is wearing different clothes) comes up to her and says some stuff. She removes her hands and not only is her face shown to really be covered in patches of 'bee hive', but her left eye is empty white, and her right looks like a philosopher's stone.

Then we get a shot of the long haired guy's chest and he has a weird skull symbol on it -- complete with what also looks like a philosopher's stone inside of the skull symbol. He says something about Rizenbourg.

Then it cuts away for the final scene -- which we are all familiar with -- it's the way both the manga and anime started. With the Elric Bros walking through Lior...

Edit: Okay, I lied. There seemed to have been another page after that that I somehow missed.

While Ed and Al are walking through Lior, it shows two really weird non-human shadowy figures with transmutation circles on their heads spying on them from behind a trash can. Whew. The end for real now XD

Yaaaaay x_x;

Edit: Big thanks to everyone who pointed out things that I missed and corrected other points I was mistaken on.
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