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Ficcage, for once I actually make an effort! o.o; -Gasp-

Okay, just a few notes to start off, I've got about six sections that are finished so I'll go ahead and put them up in a couple posts due to length of some sections. I'll put the setting and location under the cut, just one cut, sections will be in order and each posted with their own respective titles, settings, and locations. Hope you like!
It's going to start getting really confusing here because I start skipping around with the timelines and locations. Fun! ^^;

Title: Unsettling Affairs Parts 5-6/?
Pairings: RoyxEd, EdxAl, EnvyxEd, KimbleyxNarcisse(OC) in all, not all necessarily in this section.
Rating: PG13/R
Warnings: Shounen-ai/Yaoi/Man sex. Strong language, overly suggestive dialogue, confusing timelines, major spoilers through the end of the series, incest, descriptive intimate scenes between two men, descriptive violence and gore, etc, etc, etc.
Timeline: A few months after RoyxEd begins.
Setting: London, Hargreaves Castle, Cain's place of residence.
Extra Notes: Lost this bit of the story before I could save it, rewritten and summarized drastically from memory, hence the shortness.

Part 5: Waking Dreams

Edward sat there outside the study door, eyes showing a hollow soul, a dull amber, shock and disbelief. He had just seen two men die right before his eyes and in the same instant vanish into thin air. Shock was understandable.

There was the tapping of shoes on the stone floor, and a black-clad figure stepped up to the door of the study, staring in awe at the mess. He turned upon hearing the rustling of fabric behind him, and golden eyes met amber. "Edward...? do this?"

The blonde simply stared in shock and awe, this had to be a dream, a nightmare. He stepped forward slowly, reaching out towards Cain. "Is it really you? Is this real? I just..." Edward composed himself. "I...didn't do this...but I suspect I know who did..." The alchemist stepped past Cain and into the study once more, clapping his hands together and touching them to the ground as the room returned to its previous state. "There's a man who's been after your life...I came here to follow him...and just hours ago...I watched you die right before my eyes...right over there..." A gloved hand pointed to the corner of the room.

Cain's eyes widened. "You're with...are you with DELIAH?!" He observed how the room was restored, taking a step back towards the door. "Dead? But...I' now aren't I?"

"Who? I don't know what you're talking about...but take care of yourself...he's liable to try again...and I don't know...I've seen people come back from the dead fact..I've died twice..." Ed walked over to the corner opposite the one he'd pointed to and took a seat, bringing his knees to his chest. "I don't have anywhere to I hope you don't mind if I just crash here tonight..." Without even waiting for a response, the blonde alchemist was fast asleep.

Cain stared in shock and shook his head. What was Edward talking about? He died? That couldn't be right....


Edward awoke to the sound of an explosion, golden eyes snapping open to stare across the study at the sillhouette of a figure outlined in flames. That cackle could only belong to one person..."Kimbley...."

How pleasant, to find the little shrimp here! Kimbley was beside himself with amusement, first this castle, then he'd make the boy into the perfect bomb to finish the job! His hands were placed against the floor, as the look of stone began to shift black, outwards around his hands.

Edward was quick to react, clapping his hands together and slamming them down to reverse the effect. But he wasn't quick enough to notice that Kimbley was no longer in front, but behind him. He wasn't quick enough to block the man's hands, and before he even knew it his vision had blurred, and he felt strangely detached.

Zolof Kimbley simply grinned. His best work yet! Holding the boy by the wrist, he flung Ed across the room, gold eyes glittering with satisfaction and glee at the explosion that followed. His job might as well be done, Kimbley mused, before heading out of the castle and into the night.

His voice was gone...he couldn't speak..he couldn't he was going to die? Was this the end? Edward was afraid. His life flashed before his eyes and his voice returned a split second later. But all Ed could do was scream. A scream that echoed loudly through the entire town. And then there was silence.

Timeline: Two years since RoyxEd began.
Setting: Munich, Germany. The other side of the gate.
Extra Notes: In case you've forgotten, this is adapted from an RP. I am not responsible for the lack of grammar/spelling/punctuation skills of those characters not having to do with FMA. I will, however, take a little bit of time when fixing it up to try and correct these errors, but I won't pressure myself with it. Bear with me for that much.

Part 6: Those who Have Disappeared

A fairly well dressed blonde stepped out of a house in the residential area of town. His dress gave him away as a London boy, as did his hair and eyes. The crisp cotton was unusually comfortable, he noted, and by the looks of him he might even have been mistaken for a noble.

He wore a dark deep red coat that bordered on mahogany, over the dull brown and crisp white that so accented that era. It wasn't unusual these days to see someone walking about a bit hobbly, as it was post war, many people had sustained crippling injuries, and now hobbled on cheaply made prosthetic legs.

Edward's right arm wasn't anything so cheap, however, as it was metal, but seemed, for the most part, not to function properly. The boy sighed, hair back in a ponytail typical of the era. For all intents and purposes, he fit in just as well as his father did. Nobody would suspect that he really didn't belong here at all. The blonde sighed again and began to walk slowly down the street, carrying a light suitcase with his left hand.

He had just turn a simple corner to make his way to the main square, he had the brim of his hat tipped down to his nose so that his eyes would be shadowed off completely, concealed. He wore a large black cloak that covered his shoulders, but the white cuffs of his shirt were revealed since he had his hands out. He breathed in the new atmosphere, and slowly smiled, Germany was so much different from England, but he had noticed that the London fashion was in, and that fit his thoughts just fine. He came out here for a vacation, now, what was he going to do?

Edward stopped at a fruit stall, handing over forty marks for one apple, and turned to lean back against the frame of the stall, setting the suitcase next to him as he polished the apple on his jacket before taking a bite, golden eyes looking around the square.

He decided he was going to find nowhere to go if he didn't lift his hat, so he did so, using his index finger to instruct the hat up, he glanced around. He noticed that the square had many areas and small marketing for his own needs, but he let his own golden eyes travel to someone with blonde hair, he watched, and out of respect looked away, but didn't bother to move. Thinking.

"Ahreh?" said blonde muttered to himself, swallowing the apple he had in his mouth as he'd noticed somebody glancing at him. His eyes wandered and landed on the one who'd looked at him, now looking elsewhere, and his eyes scanned the square again. It took a second. Dark hair, cold eyes, dark clothes, air of one...His head jerked back towards Cain, eyes wide in disbelief. "ROY?!"

Cain slowly moved his face into a small smile, oh no, he knew who this was, just by being mixed up. He walked over to Edward and slowly moved his gloved index finger to tap Edward's nose, considering that the other had grown to be almost as tall as him, as he could see. He mused, "Cain," before settling his finger away and lowering his arm to his side, "How have you been, Edward?"

"Cain?! My god it's been nearly two years! You're still alive, that's good, very good, I got wind of the capture of the man who tried to kill you, finally got the name, it was Roan. God where to start oh hell! Oh shit I almost forgot!" Ed dug his hand into his coat pocket and drew out a quill pen. "I accidentally stuffed it in my pocket after writing that note and made off with it, been meaning to drop it back by but everything that's been going on...I don't even know anymore! But god it's good to see you!" He threw his arms around Cain in a swift and friendly embrace, more almost like a bear hug for just a second. "Nevermind me, how have YOU been all this time!"

The older boy watched the babble pour from Edward's mouth, he was about to answer each statement and question before he was plunged into a hug, his hat fell off his head and went to the ground at the sudden motion, but he of course returned the friendly hug before regaining his compure, "Hey - Edward, it is just a pen, you didn't really have to return it," He tried to reassure Edward but he heard the name Roan.. Roan, sounded cryptic in his own way, he paused, and turned his hand to gently pat Edward on the back in the hug still, "I've been just fine."

"That's great...I'm relieved." The blonde smiled, plopping down on top of his suitcase for a seat and munching the apple. "I just felt bad for leaving like that, I was afraid you'd be mad about it or want to kill me or something, heh, I mean I've dealt with guys that do that..."

"Hm, well don't feel bad," Cain watched Edward seat himself down on his suitcase, so he bent over to pick up his hat, dusting it off before placing it back on his head. "So, tell me, what have you been up to?" He asked a second time, hoping to hear some update with the other's life.

"A little bit of this, a little bit of that..." The London boy took another bite of his apple. "I get out of here...but I haven't found out how yet...I can only hope that Al's looking for a way to bring me back...and I'll do what I can to find a way from here..." Ed looked down at the apple in his hand, half eaten, and suddenly felt very out of place.

"Traveling tends to be educational," Cain looked down and stared at the apple since Edward was, but he slowly looked back up to try and focus on the other's face instead. The wind slowly moved his cloak and his hair tucked underneath the hat, it was strange seeing Edward this far in time.

Golden eyes were nostalgic, a look of painful memories but happy ones, painful only because he didn't know if he'd ever be able to see them again..." see Roy...can you tell him I haven't given up...tell him I still love him...that I'll be back before he knows it, and that's a promise...can you tell him for me?" He reached into his breast pocket and took out a slightly aged photograph, handing it to Cain. "That's him..."

The man bent down a little and took the photo from Edward, he eyed the features of the picture and took deep notes of the person with brunette hair, that almost resembled him, but the person in this picture was more well built. He nodded his head and looked back to Edward, feeling sorry and pained for him, "Of course I will, Edward," He motioned the picture in his hand back to Edward.

"Thanks..." The disheartened boy put up a weak smile, thinking about old times. "It's been almost two years...and almost three since...we first encountered Roan, and since you and I first met...It was the morning after that horrible night that I finally was able to touch him like I thought I'd never...I hadn't even realized how I felt...but he took care of me..." He reached into another pocket and pulled out a white glove, a red alchemy array drawn on the back of the hand. He stared at the glove reminiscently. "I only got to be with him for a few months...before I ended up here..."

"In a way, I found no traces of me being dead, no history of what happened, just only tales of what you have told and what Darian had mentioned," Cain bent down a little to get eye level with Edward, he gave the other a friendly smile, trying to comfort him, "I believe you will find him, you are a good hearted person, and those type of people never go un-noticed."

"He's a world I can't use I can't open the gate...." Ed closed his eyes, hand gripping tightly the spark cloth glove.

"Hmmm," Cain moved his right hand to gently place it on Edward's shoulder, not finding the words to give for advice, so he thought that it was the best he could do.

"You...haven't seen him these past two years, perchance...have you?" The blonde looked up, a bit of hope in his slightly dull eyes.

"I have, but I can't recall the convesation," Cain admitted, as he saw hope in Edward's eyes, he then slowly moved his hand away, keeping his smile.

The sharply dressed blonde pulled a silver pocket watch from his coat and clicked it open, looking at the time. "Shit! I'm laaaaate! Sorry to cut the meeting short so quick, but I gotta run!" He picked up the suitcase and started to run down the street, pausing suddenly and tossing something over his shoulder towards Cain. A silver chain with a pendant. The pendant was in the shape of the flammel on the back of Edward's coat, when he wore that coat. "Give that to Roy if you see him okay!" He waved over his shoulder and ran off.

Cain watched Edward run off, and he was taken in by surprise, but he caught the pendant and stared at it for a moment, it was different to look at, he slowly turned and moved a hand to flare out his cloak to drop the item in the inside of his pocket before turning around to go back the way he came, to look somewhere else.

Roan walked into where Cain was; his eyes didn't even seem to have a hint of craziness in them. He looked up, taking a short breath in before sweeping his foot around on the floor; he took a seat on a bench in the building. He was having these 'visions'; or so said that tarrot card lady... he was still too unsure about his past.

Cain fixed his glove and looked around, he slowly sensed something and tensed up, but then he relaxed. His eyes wandered around the area as he noticed the crowd had moved to an art show near by, and figured much that he was alone, but when he turned to take his leave he paused, to find a figure sitting on a bench, though he said nothing to indicate that he was trying to communicate with anyone.

Roan lifted his head slightly, wind rushing up his face, as if in a hurry. His eyes seemed frail, as if he would be easily broken like a glass vase. He pushed forward on his legs; stretching them out, before looking down. He didn't want to stare too long, fearing that he would run away.

Cain suddenly was startled by this persons appearence, he didn't fear it, but instead he had become concerned, he slowly approached and tried to speak, and it was polietly, "You are not going with the art show, sir?"

The one addressed turned his head slightly, a small wave of fear washing over it; he looked like a kid; he was a kid. He silently whispered to himself, as if he had already been torn.
" they said.. I couldn't.."

"Why?" Cain didn't mean for his question to sound so pushy, but he had become more concerned then before. He moved his right gloved hand out to place it on the other's shoulder, trying to comfort him, but he moved his hand back and let it float over the other's shoulder, just in case he got some type of negative reaction.

"I... I don't.."

Roan lowered his hands into his face and began to cry, tears streaming down his face like candy from a pinata party. He didn't know why they wouldn't accept him as who he was; they had accepted all the other people.

Cain thought it was the wrong question to ask, but he bit his lower lip and suddenly moved over to sit next to Roan, he moved his arms out and pulled the other into a silent hug, was it his fault?

Roan bit his lip and accepted the hug with his hands at his side, still crying until he put his hand onto Cain's shoulder and cried on it as well. He was not sure why he was being overdramatic; but he wasn't sure if it was on purpose either. He closed his eyes; letting the last frozen tear run down his face.

"I'm... I'm so sorry.."

"No, I apologize, it wasn't right of me to ask you such things, since I am a stranger and all," Cain motioned his arms a little to pull Roan closer, gently stroking the other's hair with one gloved hand, trying his best to settle the other down.

The boy pushed back; stumbling off of the bench before looked up with as much haste as he could; and without a word; he ran off into the streets again. After he had left, there were many people staring at the spot he was in, whispering amongst themselves.

Cain moved his gaze up and saw that Roan was no longer to be seen, he also stared at the others whispering about. He stood up from the bench and straightened his clothes suddenly, leaving the area at once, perhaps this vacation was to end sooner then planned.

Please excuse me for spamming so many posts at once, I should've spaced them out more over time but I couldn't bring myself to do it. x_x; x-posted to fm_alchemist fma_yaoi fma_fiction
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