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Ficcage, for once I actually make an effort! o.o; -Gasp-

Okay, just a few notes to start off, I've got about six sections that are finished so I'll go ahead and put them up in a couple posts due to length of some sections. I'll put the setting and location under the cut, just one cut, sections will be in order and each posted with their own respective titles, settings, and locations. Hope you like!

Title: Unsettling Affairs Parts 1-3/?
Pairings: RoyxEd, EdxAl, EnvyxEd, KimbleyxNarcisse(OC) in all, not all necessarily in this section.
Rating: PG13/R
Warnings: Shounen-ai/Yaoi/Man sex. Strong language, overly suggestive dialogue, confusing timelines, major spoilers through the end of the series, incest, descriptive intimate scenes between two men, descriptive violence and gore, etc, etc, etc.
Setting: Post restored!Al, people that should be dead aren't, injuries that should have been had never happened. AKA: Roy has no eyepatch, Kimbley, Greed, and a bunch of others are still alive, Ed and Al are still in the same world. Just to put a timeline on this, we'll say it's right at the end of the series. FOR THIS SECTION. Reference code for this time period will be "Beginning of RoyxEd"...because I can't think of anything else to put for it.
Location: Some waterfall near a forest or something, use the descriptions, yeah.
Extra Notes: Due to this being written on a forum, the style will be all weird at times and not always flow together. Due to this being written on a forum other than the forum I CURRENTLY write this fic, the level of seriousness is much less. Consider this almost as like a prologue.

Part 1: Smoke and Tinder

A boy of about fifteen walked into the area, blonde hair tied back in a loose braid, golden eyes a bit amber at the moment and dull rather than full of sparkling life as usual. There were two words issued from the blonde alchemist's mouth at that instant. "Hara hetta...." Before he collapsed onto the ground, red coat pooling around his YOUNG(not SMALL mind you!) form.

There were currently two occupants of the area, a male and female, aside from the blonde. The male blinked and glanced at the newcomer, while the female waved to him before hugging the male and then leaving.

The blonde just lay there, face down, not moving except maybe to twitch slightly every so often.

The only other occupant looked at the blonde boy, somewhat confused, and that moment happened to be one in which the alchemist twitched. Nothing else of interest occurred.

A person by the name of Lopper walked in and twirled his guitar, looking at the blonde alchemist, otherwise known as Ed, for a moment, before turning his vision to the other inhabitant of the area, also known as Miko. After growling slightly, Lopper sat down and proceeded to hum to himself quietly.

Mikoney shrugged slightly and began prceeding to the exit. When he reached the exit he looked back at the blonde, raising a brow, and then left.

Lopper watched Miko leave, he sighed in relief then looked at Ed blinking. "Any better now?" He asked the blonde.

The blonde in question raised a finger weakly. "Iieeee...." Was his halfassed response, half muffled by the ground that was in front of his face.

"So....I guess not..." Lopper said softly slumping back a bit leaning on his guitar. "Nyah...we all have our moments.."

"" The fallen boy's stomach suddenly growled rather loudly to assist in his lack of a care to translate to English.

Lopper blinked, not wanting to bother him by asking him what he meant. He just closed his eyes and flattened his ears againest his head

"Hara hettaaaaa....." The blonde was pretty damn persistant, as his stomach rumbled and growled and further protested being empty.

"Nyah..." Lopper said simply turning on his side.

A form faded into the area; more than likley he had been there, or he had just walked in while he was cloaked. Nevertheless, Tanto's outline slowly faded before he looked about, a small smirk dragging on his face, before it exited, taking a short seat at the edge of the water(fall).

Lopper's right ear stood up at the sound of someone coming in. He then also opened his right eye and looked at the person. He closed it again and sighed hugging his guitar. ""

"Kuso...yaro..." The red-coated alchemist mustered the energy to clap his hands together and transmute Lopper into a rather uncomfortable and more than just embarassing position with the help of the earth and stone. Thank you alchemy.

Tanto let out a slight chuckle, taking what would be called a 'jolly rancher' from his pocket and tossing it over to the distressed Elric. He didn't need to speak, just making imprints of just about anything that came into his mind; mostly just about a cave.

Lopper blinked jumping up landing on his guitar using it like a pogo stick. " me be" He said softly just closing his eyes.

"O...ka...shi...?! FOOD!" The s...starving, yes, starving, boy tackled the small candy like it was heaven and then, having swallowed it whole, tackled Tanto for more. "MORE! NOW! HAYAKU!"

Lopper opened his eyes slightly looking at the two. He jumped off the guitar and sat down holding it in his hands, watching the two blinking.

Tanto was expecting him to eat it; but not expecting to get tackled. He was thrown back several inches (feet)? He wasn't sure, but he didn't have much more with him... and he wanted some for himself. Some sences kicked in, and he took out a pack, slipping one into his mouth before offering one, to Lopper and the hunger crazed Elric.

Eyeing the pack for less than a milisecond, the blonde snatched the entire thing and downed its contents in said same milisecond. Just as a note: NEVER and I mean NEVER give Ed sugar...bad idea...

Lopper scratched behind his ears looking at Ed. "You could choke on that..."


Tanto held out his hand, a small dart appearing in it before he twirled it around in his hand, a shuriken poped in his other one, a slight smile drawing to his face; at both, the shuriken and the kid. "You enjoy candy?"

Lopper fell on his back shaking his head quickly. "I never called you small, im just saying you COULD choke on it."

Edward turned slowly back to Tanto, and stared at him for a minute. "How tall are you?"

Tanto let out a kid laugh, but covered his mouth, a slight glimpse of a lollypop appearing in it. "Havn't checked... character status says that im four feet, six inches."

Lopper slide off his guitar landing on his side still asleep.

"Oh..." The blonde boy sounded a bit disappointed. He got up and walked over to the edge of the water, taking off his coat and unzipping his black jacket and taking off his gloves. He took a seat and got out of his boots, piling them with the rest of the discarded clothes, slipping out of socks and pants and shirt, otherwise stripping to his boxers, and stretching for a second before getting into the water for a relaxing swim, automail limbs reflecting light off of the water as he let his hair down out of its braid and the blonde cascaded over his shoulders, making him look rather girlish, or rather, more girlish.

"Anythin' wrong with that?" Tanto slightly looked down; afraid that he had made a mistake already; he had been fearing this for quite some while. He put his left hand on his right katar taking it off, and the vice-versa with the other one. He slightly lifted his shirt off of his body, walking up to the plank to take a dive, when he just remembered something. He slipped out of his pants, doing the smae thing as Elric, looking at the water. A slight smile came to his face, before he rushed and jumped off, turning backwards in mid-air, preforming a backflip.

"Nah...nothing wrong with being sho-" The size-conscious alchemist cut himself off and proceeded to turn to face the shore, slamming his head several times against the bank before sinking under the water to wash the dirt off and soothe the pain in his forehead. He did NOT just admit to being short. He was NOT short.

Lopper started to roll around on the floor, eyes still closed he started talking jibberish.

In the same moment that Lopper started talking gibberish Ed squealed like a girl, somehow suddenly being at the opposite side of the falls. "I CAN HEAR THE FANGIRLS! AAAAHHH!!"

"Eh. So you are just... short, its part of life, you'll grow soon.." Tanto looked down at the water, kicking his feet to keep himself from sinking, the water was deep, 10 feet to be exact. He wished that he cold be short as well; but he knew that he would never be able to go back to those days.

Lopper suddenly shot up looking around. Blinking he backed away from the water looking at Ed. "Nyah...I was...asleep..." He said yawning, rubbing his eyes.


"Well, I can certainly see you." A small smile can to Tanto's face, the cheerful one. He looked down, before taking a breath of air and sinking himself in.

Edward got out of the water, wet hair clinging to his shoulders and neck. He walked over to Lopper and got down on all fours, then shook. Like a dog. Getting Lopper soaked.

Lopper blinked as he was wet. He looked at Ed for a moment and finally said. "I hate you..." He then fell down on his side crying. Nyah...what can I say, he hates getting wet.

Tanto swam back up with a small pearl in his hand, nothing big, he let it sink to the bottom shortly, swimming back to short as well, watching what he did, before covering his mouth. He didn't want to laugh.

Ed blinked and looked at Lopper. "How tall are you?"

Lopper rubbed his eyes, forcing himself to stop crying. "Four....Four....nine..." He said as he started to cry again rolling around on the floor.

Tanto put his finger out infront of Ed's face, waving it from side to side like a schoolteacher would when she would scold the children. "You don't need to know everyon's height ya' know."

"Oh..." Once more disheartened, Ed walked over to a pile of leaves and clapped his hands together, as the transmutation process began. He then walked back over to Lopper and threw the towel on top of him. Why did all the ones that reminded him of the Taisa have to be so sh-sh-sh-shameless...yeah...shameless...

He thought for a second and the thought overwhelmed him. Frustrated with himself, Ed spun back around and dropped to his knees next to Lopper. "Sit up and let's get you dry..."

Lopper blinked as the towel was thrown over him. He blinked then started to roll around in it quickly. "Whee! Warmth!" He said sounding like a five year old, rolling around in the towel a bit faster.

Tanto had dried himself off, and his skin was starting to turn a greenish color, a slight chill took over his body. When I don't want to blend in... I do.. and when I do, I don't... still havn't mastered it.."

"Sit up already..." The frustrated blonde snatched the towel and forced Lopper to sit up with the help of his automail arm, sitting behind him and starting to dry him off more thoroughly.

Lopper blinked and looked over his shoulder at Ed. He jumped forward in a dive fashion. Flipping so he faced Ed, he shook his head smiling. "Its okie...don't worry about it, im fine."

Tanto took a long yawn, before folding his knees and taking a seat; indian style. He had his clothes back on, his katars were already wrapped around his arms just as if he was ready to fight at any time. A shuriken came out onto his hand again, before he tossed it forward, the blades spinning out and rotating, moving as it sliced through the air, he held out his arm as well, as if ready to catch if; as if it might come back.

There was a slightly pained look on the blonde alchemist's face as he sat there with the towel in hand, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared, as he stood, dropping the towel, and went to get his clothes. First the pants, then the socks and boots, shirt was left off, black jacket unzipped, coat he just didn't put back on. He fastened the large belt and checked his clock before sitting down and staring at the water with his knees to his chest. Winry would have his other arm and leg if she found out he was swimming in her automail.

After ripping mostly through the nearby shrubs, the shuriken came right into Tanto's hand, catching it and locking it around his shuriken (hand)? He slid it out of view, his skin color once returning its normal color that it should be. He placed his hand on the ground, pushing up so that his knees were moved out. "You're an alchemist?"

"Thanks though.." Lopper waved to the pcs in the field. Placing his hat on his head he threw the guitar over his shoulder. He nodded once more then faded from the area.*

There went that idea...Ed was snapped out of his depressed thoughts by Tanto's voice. "Nn? Ah, Nationally Certified Alchemist..." The name didn't hold as much pride when he spoke it was as if it didn't really matter.

Tanto put his hand inside of his pocket, taking out another jolly rancher pack and a lolly-pop formula. He tossed both to him, a smirk appearing on his face. "Mix e'm, my skill is too low."

Edward blinked for a second, catching the candy ingredients and sighing, laying them on one of his gloves before clapping his hands together and touching them to the items given, transmuting them into one substance. He looked down at this substance, and was distracted by his automail hand...He then tossed the product back to Tanto and put on his gloves to hide his hands from his own view. It wasn't something he needed to dwell on at the moment. "Nn..."

"Wrong." Tanto took out the packet, and there was a huge ball of candy in it, no sorted lollypop/jolly rancher mix. He took a short sigh, looking up, throwing it into the water.

"You didn't specify what kind of mixture you wanted...I put them together, that's all you asked for..." Fullmetal was used to taking orders like gave them all the time...fetch me the paper, dog of the military, kiss my ass, dog of the military, dress in drag, dog of the military. No. Now now, you've seen how Riza punishes HER dog when he doesn't behave... Fine...only because it's an order, Taisa... That smirk...bastard loved doing that to him...

"But you took your advantage over it to make it as easiest as possible.." Tanto held out his hand, a white light hovering over the bag before his eyes lit up with a malevolent glow; they turned yellow during the time. His hair went back, as if a mini-hurricane's wind force was occuring from the bag itself, the light began to fade, the two substances that were once created into one unique substance; were now split into their seperate classes.

The blonde's head turned slightly at the glimpse of black hair, and he felt something knot up inside his chest but couldn't be sure what, when he looked at Tanto. The look he gave wasn't one that was seen by many people. It revealed the weak Edward, the Edward who was pleading with the sun to come back to his life, the Edward who looked at Roy and wanted to be held...

"You... got to do your best... I learned that... not too long ago.... and guess what happened the first time that I had tried to do it?" He was going off-topic, and on purpose. He had noticed that the kid (man)? standing next to him did want to be able to howl till the sun set, or bark till it rose, he wanted to be able to talk about his problems; but Tanto didn't want to get in them... he wouldn't... it was against clan rules.

At the mention of 'the first time he tried', Ed shivered, leaning slightly to one side as though the automail arm had suddenly become far heavier than it had been just a moment ago...

Tanto bit his tongue, checking the time before his eyes opened up. "Im sorry... I... I have to leave... I will meet you... tommarow." The kid left quickly, leaving everything that he had left, which was only the candies, behind.

Keth sunk into the area, wrapping his coat around him idly with his mechanical hand, it's chrome surface recasting the dim light cast from the end of his cigarette.

Edward clutched his shoulders, shivering and closing his eyes to avoid letting fall tears that were to remain unshed, tears that weren't for here or now.

Keth looked over to Ed with a distraught frown of his own. He sighed, walking over and ducking down a bit to eye level with him. "Something wrong, Kiddo?"

It should've been a red flag with a blaring siren when Ed didn't even flinch at the sound of the word 'kiddo' despite normally being so sharp and quick to retort. He shrugged, clutching his shoulders tighter, knees to his chest as inwardly he winced at the sound of an older voice.

Keth sighed, poking Ed in the forehead gently. He obviously knew that Keth was there, but he was probably cast too deep in misery to really acknowledge him... Keth smirked lightly. "Hey, what's going on in that firebranded little mind of yours? What's making you so forlorn?"

Fullmetal flinched. Two words that stung him there, one that rubbed him the wrong way, the other that caused a pang deep in his chest that he couldn't explain. Little...and fire...There was only one word that escaped him, without any conscious desire to speak it or even awareness that he did speak it possibly. "Taisa..."

"Taisa?" Keth's head tilted a little, confused deeply. He pulled an ornate crystal flask from the innards of his jacket, imbibing a measure of the black liquid contained within. "Don't really feel like explaining...?"

The older Elric's golden eyes lacked their usual luster, though a small spark was visible as his ears faintly registered an older male's voice uttering the word 'Taisa.'

Keth sighed, now trying something a little more direct. He formed a flowing form, a burning seal in the shape of a lotus above his hand, green mana seeping from it like fog and flame at the same time. He waved it in front of Ed's face, the hollow green light flowing into his eyes, interruptably.

"Taisa..." He didn't even appear to blink once, that same nearly lifeless gaze still plastered on his childish face, which at the moment looked far older than it should have.

Colonel Roy Mustang walked in, as if on cue, dark eyes flicking across the assembled individuals. He noted, almost unconciously, their weapons, their proximities to exits, their approximate weights and heights. In the back of his mind he gauged whether he'd be able to best them in a fight, found the odds slightly in his favor, and relaxed.

Keth sighed, shaking his head and sitting opposite Ed, still staring at him curiously... What was Taisa, exactly...? Or who?

That smell...of smoke and ashes...undeniably..."BAKA TAISA!" Ed was on his feet in an instant, moods shifting from one extreme to the next, as he spun on his heels to face Roy, but all of a sudden found himself unable to make any other move.

Roy cocked his head slightly, perfectly balanced to counter a blow, dark eyes narrowing, then softening at the familiar sight of golden eyes, golden hair... "Good afternoon... Ed."

Keth rolled backwards into a slow, elegant wheel to his feet. He turned to face the new arrival, detecting the arrogance buried beneath layers of cool logic... Something wasn't quite right, to him.

Did he just call me by my name?! WTF?! "I...haven't finished my report yet, Taisa...I'll...just get what I have...and..." He was looking for an excuse to break away from those dark eyes, deep as pools of endless abyss, beautiful as...he did NOT just think that...slap! No, Edward, you did NOT just think that about your commanding officer, the man you hate more than ANYBODY except maybe your father!

"It's fine." Roy resisted the urge to fidget. Fidgeting was the mark of a disorganized, distracted man.

The Flame Alchemist was calm. Calm and composed. Calm and composed and definitely not being reduced to choppy sentences by the awfully distracting person before him, who was looking, at the moment, quite... quite...

He shook the thoughts off.

Keth sighed, slowly forming hand seals... They almost seemed random, there were so many of them... He looked to both of the alchemists who seemed to be absorbed in one another, lazily...

He hasn't called me sh-sh-sh-....that yet...and what's with that shifty aura I'm feeling? "I await my next mission, if you've got one that is. If not, I'll just go to Central library...."

"No new mission." Deep breath now. You are a man of the military, Roy, a man who will one day command thousands of troops and answer to no one. You are a man who pursues his goals.

Then why is it so hard to...?

"But." And the next lower, almost under his breath. "I hoped you might... Stay with me. For a little while. If you wished."

"S-stay what?" The unsuspecting blonde faltered only for a second, though behind his youthful vigor was the Edward that couldn't believe what he was hearing. "L-lunch sometime or maybe d-dinner, I'm starved, that'd be great, your treat, Taisa?" He grinned that trademark grin, trying to pass it off as something casual and not with the weight and meaning which one half of him deciphered it as.

Keth finished the long string of seals, finally turning his hand upon himself. An invisible force, as though razors made of wind, began to slice into his flesh violently. Strips of skin, flesh, and sprays of blood were torn from him. And he just stood, with calm, sad eyes, as his entire body was slowly torn to shreds in the vast gaze of death, eventually landing in a mist so fine it could have been a powder, and a single, metallic arm, scratched to hell and back again.

Roy's dark eyebrow twitched. "Heeeeey, short stuff, I didn't say anything about buying you dinner... You freeloader..."

He paused for a second and feigned weighing his decision. "But I'm a little hungry. I don't know the shops around here. Tell me a good place to go and I'll treat you in gratitude."

Ed scratched the back of his head. "Ehehe! Truth is I don't know the place any better than you-WHO'S THE SHORTEST OF ALL THE ALCHEMISTS!" It took him a minute, which shouldv'e said something in itself.

"You are," Roy pointed out. "Not to mention being among the youngest. And the least secure. And the most impatient..." He rolled his eyes.

Said 'shortest of all the alchemists' clenched his fist and glared, but then stopped abruptly. It felt kind of strange without Al there to hold him back from pummelling the Colonol's face into the dirt...

Roy arched a dark brow cooly. "Not going to try to pound me into the ground this time?"

A cool breeze reminded Edward he was without a shirt beneath that black jacket, that also wasn't zipped, and that he hadn't put his hair back into its customary braid after his little swim. It also reminded him that his hair was still damp, making it relatively cold when faced with a breeze. For a moment the strong facade faltered and he shivered.

Amusement fell away to concern. "Edward? Do you not feel well? Perhaps you should go to the infirmary."

"I'm f-fine! And s-since w-when do y-you c-c-care anyway?" The stubborn boy tried to muster his best 'I'm-fine-so-don't-treat-me-like-a-helpless-child' look, and failed as his body was racked with another strong shudder.

Roy gave Edward a you're-a-stubborn-idiot look as he stripped off his military jacket, shoving it at Ed. "Put it on. That's an order," he added, "So no giving me crap about being absolutely fine."

Ed could smell the smoke and tinder, that ashy smell and that of burned parchment, permeated deep into the thick blue fabric, and if the Colonol might have been watching close enough, he might've even seen Ed's look of sudden content as he only for a brief moment allowed himself to breathe that scent in.

"What kind of idiot goes for a midnight swim, anyway," Mustang remarked roughly. "You could get sick. Not that you've ever cared about what's good for you," he said, remembering the gleam of metal joints, the slight hollow noises they made when flicked with a fingernail.

The smaller (BUT NOT SHORT!) alchemist cringed suddenly at those words. "Shut've got no right to talk to me about that like you understand..." His voice was strikingly bitter.

Dark eyes flicked sideways, a sudden stillness in him meant to remind that while Roy may be occasionally lecherous, sometimes overconfident, and often insensitive, he was still a Colonel, still in command.

Edward's eyes stung, stung with the pain of an overwhelming need to cry, but his pride wouldn't let him fall that low in front of him...Just like a flame...pretty to the eyes but painful to the touch...

"I didn't mean it that way. Calm yourself," Roy said, the gentleness in his manner at odds with his hard words.

Ed gritted his teeth but couldn't stand it anymore, the tears welling in his eyes as his head snapped around to look directly at Roy. "What the hell is wrong with you lately! Why is it you say one thing but seem to mean something totally different! Since when do you CARE about me and since WHEN do you give up your smirk for a look of defeat when talking to ME!? Who are you and what have you done with the REAL Colonol Roy Mustang?! You can't possibly be him!"

"Oh, I'm the real Colonel, alright," Roy replied, shrugging. An odd emotion flickered in his eyes. "We will sort this out later, Major Elric." Roy brisquely walked out.

A sinking feeling swelled in the solitary boy's chest for a moment, and for some unknown reason he found himself reaching out to the air where the Colonol had just been standing, almost as if trying to grasp some sliver of truth that told him it was real. But Edward already had that sliver, wrapped comfortably around his shoulders, rather than the familiar red coat, was one of the military's blue, smelling heavily of smoke and tinder. He took in that scent and for a moment, Edward Elric was no longer chained by a cruel twist of fate and the metal ornaments of a god that was wrathful at him for stepping into his domain and toying with a human life. Edward Elric for a moment was above it all, free, content...But then the wind blew, and it was quiet. There was no warmth but the coat he held tightly about his young frame, wishing secretly that it were the real thing rather than just an outer skin. But for now, it was enough...despite the half of him that still nagged at the Colonol's strange behaviour...the other half welcomed it with open arms, as though it was only natural...And it was in that manner that Edward fell asleep next to the falls that night, bundled warmly in the coat of a certain Taisa...who by the way he had NO ATTRACTION TO WHATSOEVER!...okay...maybe just a little...

Timeline: Post restored!Al, first instance of RoyxEd
Setting: Central City, Taisa's Office

Part 2: Unexpected Visitor

Edward didn't even bother knocking before he pushed open the doors to the office, noticing almost instantly that the Colonol was not in at the moment, and decided to get some shut-eye before that annoying bastard got back from whatever he was doing. Probably out on some date figures...shameless flirt as he was. Having returned to his original red coat, he used the Taisa's heavier military coat as a blanket, flopping down on one of the couches and yawning, then closing his eyes and resting.

"Baka neglecting his work again...the Second Lieutenant would be furious...ah...I wonder where Riza is...usually she's glaring down the back of Mustang's neck to get the paperwork done..." Ed glanced at the wall near the second desk, noticing the leash gone from its usual place. "Oh...must be out with Black Hayate...glad I'm not that dog...I pity the thing..." He rolled over on his side, muttering something about hating milk.


Cain had randomly come here to find something out about the cases in London, but then slowly noticed that he had no idea where he was, or what he was doing here. He didn't even know what building this was, but he hoped that it was the right one. He paused and stared at a door that he had walked past, never hearing that name in his whole entire life, he seemed dumbfounded.

Ed, in the meantime, shifted in his sleep, grumbling to himself incoherently.

Cain decided he was going to get lost more than he was so he decided to ask this "Roy" for directions. He moved to the door and bit on his lower lip. He was wearing a black cloak and black suit with an expensive top hat placed on his head. His hands were even gloved in black, and he knocked on the door twice without much hesitation.

The sleepy alchemist stirred, grumbling about being woken up. "Who the hell knocks before coming into an empty office from which no sounds are coming?" His voice was loud enough to carry to the other side of the door, as it was meant to address the person outside.

The other man chuckled a little, "The person on the other side could be reading or studying, what noise should be made then?" He replied, and watched the door, thinking over if he should disturb the person or not.

"The person who inhabits this office is out right now, and due to his flirtatious nature I'm sure he won't be back until late tonight or early tomorrow." Ed rolled back over onto his back and stared at the ceiling, wondering if that person was going to just come in or what.

Cain raised a brow and suddenly opened the door to see Roy laying there, he had tilted his head at this strange position, "I am not going to ask why you are here then," He said a little, but then asked, "Where am I?"

"I'm here to turn in a report to that stupid Colonol Roy Mustang, but it turned out he wasn't here. I needed a place to crash for the night anyway, and this is as good as any." Ask or not, Ed told. "As for where you are, you're in the office of Colonol Roy Mustang at Central City Headquarters..." He paused, sitting up to get a look at this newcomer.

Cain nodded his head and looked to watch Ed sit up. He stared at the other's hair, it was different from what he normally saw in London, "Thank you," He gave the other a small, gentle smile, showing that he was grateful for the information, "If it isn't much trouble, is this the place where I can find murder information?"

Something about this guy was familiar for some reason...but Ed couldn't quite place a name on the funny feeling he had seeing him. "Depends...Central Library might be a better place to look if you want case files..."

"I am very thankful for you telling me," The dark clad man spoke, you could tell he wasn't from Russia since he had a small accent, he turned on his foot a little, his arms hidden under the dark cloak, "Would you like me to leave you to your... sleeping, sir?"

"The library's closed right now, so you might as well camp out here. They're probably going to lock the gate any time now, I'm surprised you got in this late with so little personnel here...why don't you just have a seat and kick back, relax a little, might as well..." The blonde trailed off, motioning to the couch he was sitting on. It was starting to form a picture just what this man reminded him of...

"Really? I had no idea," The stranger smiled and slowly went into the area all the way so the door would shut behind him, "Well seeing that I have no other place to go for the time being, I will do what you suggested," He moved his hands to take off his hat to show his brunette hair, he then made his way to the couch, sitting next to Ed calmly.

Edward looked down at his lap, bangs falling like a shroud to cover the faint tinge of red on his cheeks as he suddenly realized what he found so familiar about this man. "So...what brings you here anyway..."

The other man noticed that Ed looked away, had he done something to upset the other? He wondered, "I came from London looking for something that might lead to all of the murders that have been taking place, and I figured Russia would be the best place," He leaned forward to set the hat down by his feet, before leaning back into the couch, his appearence seemed too fake since he was dressed in expensive attire, he was a count after all. He looked around the area once more, "I am sorry to hear that you didn't find Roy."

"It's alright, I'm glad to have the time to relax before I get chewed out for all the destruction in my wake again, I really hate that bastard..." A keen detective would probably notice that he wasn't being entirely honest there, especially on the last part. "Edward Elric, age fifteen, Fullmetal Alchemist and similarly dog of the military. You?" He shocked himself blurting that out, why the hell did he do that?

"You seem very offering so I don't see why you can cause that much trouble," He offered his own opinions on the other before speaking up, "Cain, Count of Hargreaves's castle, also known as Earl of Poison," He frowned a little, he had a lot of titles but kept to only the small ones, "Age seventeen, pleased to meet you Edward."

"Pretty young for a Count...but who am I to talk...State Alchemist and dog of the military at age twelve...heh..." Ed lifted his head a bit, the blush gone from his face but it also took with it a bit of the life in his eyes. His smile wasn't entirely true to himself.

"I suppose events happen to get that way," The brunette watched Edward, he had suddenly felt odd, and looked away, just knowing that the other's situation didn't seem to be something that was taken into pride. He stared ahead, his arms and hands hidden underneath his cloak once more.

The light in the blonde alchemist's eyes faded slowly, and his eyes slowly began to close. He wavered for a moment, and his body leaned against that of the other teen slightly, golden blond braid falling onto this other boy's shoulder, eyes now a dull amber, and almost closed but not quite. Ed didn't speak a word, but there was a ghost of a word on the tip of his tongue. Never spoken, but it was there. Taisa...

Cain turned his head to glimpse at the golden braid laying on his shoulder, and felt Edward's weight against his own, he shifted a little letting his right arm come out of the cloak, his gloved hand moved to the other's face to lift up his chin, "Are you ok, sir?"

Ed's eyes had a slightly absent look in them, at the same time behind those dilated pupils he saw somebody else in front of him, heard some other voice coming out of some other mouth. " me you always do..." Despite his small countenance, Ed managed somehow by dropping his weight fully, to knock over the other boy onto the couch, momentarily pinned under the blonde as one gloved hand became tangled in brunette locks, his head on the other's shoulder as blonde hair tickled under the boy's neck.

"Hagane?" Cain questioned, he had never called Edward that once, and had no idea what it was, he felt himself being pushed back into the couch and thoughts slowly clouded his head as he stared up, he felt his hair being played with, as he stirred under Edward's weight, the hair was soft on his neck, but he seemed to be preoccupied, "Errr?"

The zoned out blonde turned his head, sighing against Cain's neck. "Just this that man just this once..."

"Edward, I don't understand," The older boy said truthfully, he felt the other's breath on his neck which made his fingers tremmble a little.

"Please...just this once..." Ed's voice was quiet, pleading. "Just this once..." His hand trailed out of Cain's hair, brushing gently against his face, gloved fingertips pausing briefly at his lips. The tip of his nose barely touched Cain's neck, and his breaths were warm.

Cain tried to speak but noticed there was a fingertip laying on his lips, and he was afraid that if he moved his mouth he would accidently bite it, so he kept silent, as his arms layed to his side, his fingers still tremmbling, confused.

"Hold me..." Edward could smell that scent of smoke and tinder, was aware that his clothes had begun to smell that way too, was aware that this office was smothered in it. Ed's hand moved down from Cain's face, under the cloak, down his side to settle at his hip, his other hand moving to the opposite side, eyelashes flickering against his neck, followed by the warmer sensation of his lips, and then both that and his breath as he whispered barely audible words. "Just let me pretend...."

Cain's heart pounded against his chest and he could hear it through his head loudely, it was a little arousing but he was getting uncomfortable, to him, Edward was still a stranger, he stirred a bit more when he felt the hands on his hips, he started to blush when he felt the lips and breaths, he then shivered a little, "Edward... I am not.."

" something I need...why don't you just stop me then..." The blonde boy purred almost like a lost kitten upon finding a saucer of warm milk (but of course he HATED milk), trailing butterfly kisses up Cain's neck, pausing every few to whisper a word or two. "You....make me feel...the same way....he me think of him...and...I see...him in you..."

The helpless brunette watched Edward before moving his arms from out of the cloak to wrap them around the other, he sat up with Edward in his arms, and looked down sadly, his eyes seemed to be filled with sorrow, "I.. but.. He will be back.. Don't make a mistake and scare him away.."

"He doesn't know...the way he makes me feel...I can't tell him...but I can pretend..." The boy's human hand shakily touched Cain's lips, eyes still dull amber, stinging, finally met his gaze. And in that gaze he couldn't move, lips parting slightly in unspoken words that he'd probably never say, so he thought. Please...

Green eyes took in a small tint of gold as the older watched Edward, he moved his right arm to touch the fingers that were idling at his lips to remove them to be able to speak again, "Edward, I have someone I am trying to confess my feelings to as well, and if I go ahead and do this.. then I ruin both of our chances.."

" know...anything...just pretend..." Ed's voice slipped into a barely audible whisper. "Just...once...please..."

"Edward, I can keep you company, and comfort you, but.. nothing more," Cain was firm with his answer, as he kept his arms around the other, trying to put him at ease with his lust.

The molten glow of gold returned to the alchemist's eyes fullblown, and he pushed Cain away, getting to his feet and walking halfway across the room. "Just like him...just like him that bastard...that goddamn bastard..." His back was to Cain, automail arm slamming into the wall and almost leaving a dent, the dull thud echoing through the room, followed by silence. Tears were streaming down his face, and goddamnit it hurt..."Bastard...stupid...stupid bastard..."

Cain suddenly sank back into the couch when Edward turned away, and when he heard the loud thud he jumped a little, as he bit his lower lip, a bit ashamed he put his face down in his hands for causing the other pain, drowning in his own thoughts.

The blonde boy's next words were a bit muffled, but sounded like something about transmuting the Colonol's clothes into leaves and his desk into a donkey made of wood. "Damn bastard...prick...jackass...stupid fucking Colonol...I hate him...hate him..." The scraping of metal against the wall as he slid down to the floor, metal arm following but still pressed firmly against the wall.

The young Count suddenly took a breath in, he could say nothing to defend Roy or offend him, but he was still in his silence still in his thoughts as he heard the metal against the wall, he dared not to lift his face from his hands.

All Ed could do was dissolve into stiffled sobs and choke back tears, his pride was already shattered here in this room, with this other person, there wasn't anything he could do about it.

"I am... sorry," Cain spoke under his hands, he had wanted to hide deep inside of himself and never return for causing someone else pain, that wasn't his intention.

"It's not your fault...just like always it's just me being stupid and reckless..."

There was the sound of footsteps outside, and the doors were flung open to reveal a frightening creature. Blood was smeared all over his hands as he walked into the office, his shirt was dotted as well with the blood. A crazy look was in his eyes; then again, he was always like this. The sinister man stomped on the ground with haste, before holding out his hand at Cain. "Haha... the fun... never ends.."

Cain looked up suddenly he tilted his head almost right away at a bloodied figure, his first thought was something mildly towards Jack the Ripper but he found himself in Russia, so it couldn't be. He frowned and turned to glance at Edward for some answer before gazing back to the stranger.

Noticing someone else, but paying no mind to him, the ominous stranger kept his hand steady at Cain, and within a couple seconds (minutes?) a small yellow light began glowing there. He threw his hand out, electricity sparking off of it before it jolted forward, a ball of electricty smashing into Cain's stomach and shocking him back into the wall by which he was next to, twelve pulses, each with over 100 volts of electricty.

The injured Cain suddenly turned from the couch in dismay and figured as much that this would kill him, instead it brutaly injured him by burning his clothes and the first coat of flesh on his stomach, he had gritted his teeth together as he felt his fingertips numb, blood forming on his wound, he could move his arms but he could no longer feel them. He felt vulnerable within his own mind, but he turned his hand beaneath his ruined cloak and pulled out a small revolver that could see fit, before he knew it or thought he had shot the man in the neck, his aim accurate as he doubled over off of the couch in pain.

The man slipped back, holding onto his neck and breathing; still; he wouldn't die. He held his posture normally, holding his hand out before smashing it downward, his own body falling as ice rose up from the ground, piercing directly forward as new spikes rose to make a line heading directly towards Cain, ripping out from under him, through his feet and maybe one could have gone through his spine. And the man began to laugh; a crazy laugh.

Cain suddenly crawled with one of his palms, but one of the spikes of ice pierced through his left foot to cut through the middle of it, he cursed under his breath and suddenly broke off his foot from the deadly ice weapon to reach back for a small vile, he made no sound of pain as he suddenly tossed it towards the sinister form so it would break under him, the fumes were coated with deadly poison that burned your skin as soon as you breathed it in, it was a suicide attempt but he couldn't let himself falter to this one.

Edward's eyes suddenly widened, pupils contracting as a gloved hand went to his mouth, the smell of blood creeping past the haze of his mind and arousing his senses to reality once again. Idiots were ruining the office...what the hell...He got to his feet, a bit shakily at first, golden eyes burning with a flame that couldn't be put out easily, focused on the intruder. "You ruined Taisa's floor..."

The cackling man held out his hand, right from where the ice had spun out of, an ice wall erupted and smashed into the ceiling, the vial smashing on the opposite side of him. You could easily see through the ice; and you would see the man laughing to himself as he got both of them stuck in there; with whatever had been thrown. He noticed the poison, a slight smile coming to his face as he pulled a chair, taking a seat to watch the epidemic.

Cain glared suddenly and placed one sleeved under his nose and mouth being very careful not to inhale the fumes as he turned his gaze to the madman, there was no pain or suffering there, but instead it was a cold gaze that was concealed with almost relaxing one, no fear was gained through all of this, as he turned his head to watch Edward, so what if he died, he was the sin after all..

Edward himself coughed, gloved hand to his mouth and nose for a split second before he clapped his hands together and slammed them both to the wooden floor, the electric blue sparking glow of an alchemic reaction bursting through the smoke as within seconds the room was cleared of the vile substance, doors nonexistant and windows barred over, closed to the outside world. His eyes narrowed. "He'll kill me for this if he sees this mess you know..."

The ice wall melted to the ground, another smile on that psychotic man's face; they were in the open. He took a step forward; a brilliant fiery smile on his face as he held his hands up and threw them down, a small cloud appearing over everyone that expanded and became redder within the seconds passing by; then, it was covering the whole sky. The man stood still, as fiery meteors came crashing down; but to make it even worse, they were mostly coming down in the positions that Edward and Cain were in, as if going to burn them into ashes if they were hit directly.

Cain moved his arm and suddenly sat himself up to stand, he was leaning to one side since his foot had been completely torn from their nervous system, he sort of leapt at the lunatic to grab onto the other's clothing so that if he was going to get hit by these firey things, then at least the one who brought them would go down with it, he thought, his face seemingly blank as if he already met his death.

Ed clapped his hands and there was the light again, metal forcing itself from the walls and in hundreds of thin wires drove itself through the sinister madman's body, holding him suspended in midair, as steel rose from the floors to shield himself and pull Cain back, why he did that he didn't know.

Ice surrounded the unknown man, protecting him from the wires; as the ice was being supported by the mind that had created it. After the meteors had finished crashing down, they sky once again became blue and natural, the ice shield coming off. He held his hand out, volts of electricity pouring out of it as he had done before, shooting a round orb of electricity right at Edward's mid-section. Once it hit, electricity shot through Edward's body, but not the kind that would support him. It would shoot 1,200 volts of fire elemental electricty right through him. He knew that Cain would react soon, so he held his other hand ready, but it was already performing something even worse.

Cain lifted his left hand to slightly shield himself, he had no idea what was going on because he was just human and their capabilites were beyond his reach, he took one step back from the closest wall before turning the only real weapon he had to solemnly shoot one of the man's feet, hoping they would loose balance and their concentration on attacking.

Ed dropped to his knees, coughing up blood, after all, even alchemists were still human..."I can't die don't get it..." The sound of clapping and non-conductive metal wrapped suddenly around Roan without even a warning. Ice or no ice it was one solid sphere, continuously contracting around the man inside that threatened his goals and his promises.

The intruder was stuck; trying to get out of the position that the alchemist had gotten him into, his left hand began to glow red with an orange energy. Another fiery smile, before he yelled out.
"How does it feel...." He began to laugh, his eyes opening wide before he threw his right hand up barley, pointing right at Cain. Ice began to dwell around him, before it enclosed him in it, not even a bullet could pass through; and then; it began to get very cold inside of the ice. "To.. burn..."

Cain turned and expanded his fingers outward to see that they were being plated with ice, his lips seemed firm as his eyes closed a little when the ice had formed around his head, there was barely any oxygen inside the ice shell, and he could no longer move, he would surely die of freezing to death.

One gloved hand slapped to the ground, the ice around Cain slowly changing forms from ice to water, and then vanishing completely as the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen were shattered, leaving two gases instead of any type of solid. The metal constricted and shrank more, tightening to the point of strangulation around the arrogant intruder. "And I'm not about to watch you die either..." Ed's voice was directed at Cain.

The man's eyes opened up, ice forming inside of the metal, which imploded due to the magician's bidding, causing the metal to shatter and release him. "Hahahaha.... HAHAHHAHA." He held out his hands, a small light falling from the sky before it hit the ground, lightning. Then, a huge meteor fell directly down, hitting it and surging into the ground. Fire surronded the whole place around Edward and Cain, before it began to enclose them, without them noticing, he had walked off, fading with the mist as the fire would burn through them if they weren't careful.

Cain stared down as he noticed his stomach was bleeding and the freezing water that dripped on that wound caused a unconditioned pain, his eyes slowly started to water as he saw that his flesh was blue from the ice cold water that dripped off his finger tips, even his hair was dripping, but then he looked up to the fire as his vision started to blur, feeling very faint, as he couldn't feel anything in his body, while his injured foot just bled there, he slowly answered, "I.. I won't.."

There was the flashing of alchemy, and the flames were smothered in an instant, the room returned to a normal temperature, though Ed's clothes were singed and tattered, and he ripped off his left sleeve to wrap around his stomach as a bandage before taking a few steps towards Cain, but faltering and falling to the ground, automail arm making a metallic thud on the hardwood floor, or what was left of it at least.

The other boy moved forward a little but when he did he lost his balance as well so that his form would be next to Edward's on the ground, he had been crying, never in his life had he felt this pain, it was worse than the one time he was shot, worse than the other times he was poisoned, his nervous system had been cut off, he could feel nothing, he just saw himself floating in a body at a distance, he turned his head as he reached out a hand to touch Edward's hair, if he was going to die, he really didn't want to die alone like his father had predicted.

Ed pushed himself up with his automail arm and dragged himself closer to Cain, touching his hands together and clasping the boy's outstretched hand, the elements in Cain's body reorganizing and restabilizing, quickening the healing process and at the same time the fabric from the coat that lay there on the ground was transmuted into bandages that wrapped themselves around Cain's visible wounds. It was tiring, exhausting, but he kept it up. Propping himself up against the couch, the blonde pulled Cain up onto his lap with the majority of help from his metal arm, cradling him slightly and comfortingly stroking human fingers through brunette strands. There were no words spoken. Near death experiences didn't need words to be spoken.

Cain's eyes seemed un-comforting when he was being fixed with a new, and they wandered to the fabricated bandages, and slowly, he thought Edward to be an angel, discarding all thoughts of him being into sorcery. He felt comfortable in Edward's lap, but the pain and the memories relasping inside of his head made an endless trail of tears slide down his cheeks, inside his heart he apologized many times to the one who he had sworn his tears to never come, and he apologized out loud to Edward, "...I.. I am so... Sorry... I.." The tears seemed to have grown a bit heavier as they dripped down off of his jaw and onto Edward and himself.

"Just...try and relax..." Ed winced at the pain in his chest from talking. "'ll the wounds...again..." He managed a half-hearted chuckle, a laugh mostly at himself. "Toldja...I wasn't...gonna...let you die..." The young alchemist felt something warm fall down his cheeks, and calculated that the warmth was his own tears, as he hadn't sustained any head injuries, and he coughed, blood spattering over Cain's shoulder as his body was racked with the reflex, grip unconsciously tightening to lessen the jar on Cain's still mending body.

Edward's words seemed comforting and appropriate to his words, he slowly let himself relax but tears continued to roll down his cheeks, knowing they wouldn't stop until days, old burdens seemed to have arised with new ones. He looked up when he noticed Edward's blood, "Perhaps you shouldn't worry about me.. and tend to yourself."

"I'm too stubborn to die...besides...that baka Taisa is going first...for making me wait..." Edward grinned his trademark grin, despite the lack of vigor it usually held being absent along with most of his energy. "Besides...this is nothing compared to this arm and leg..."

Cain closed his eyes and bowed his head a little, breathing in slowly to let himself retain some sanity, he would be very jumpy as well, but he spoke again, "Thank you," those words weren't enough for how many times Edward saved his life, he wanted to say more, and do more, but found no words at all.

"I owe a lot to this world for my sins...but I already told make me think of him...and I see him in you...and I'd never be able to just sit there and watch him die...I guess I'm selfish..." His automail hand soothingly rubbed Cain's back through his shirt as Ed sighed, closing his eyes.

The brunette stayed still as he felt the hand run arcoss his back and over his scars, he didn't want to be exposed but more tears trailed down his face, remembering that he was being hurt so God could forgive him, or so he was told, he thought that was love, but he couldn't tell anymore, "Saving isn't selfish.. stealing is.."

"Maybe...but if it's for your own reasons because you don't want to lose something, that's selfish too, isn't it?" Ed winced as a jolt of pain shot through his stomach, but he tried to hide it.

"I guess there are many words for selfish, but I guess if the intentions are good.." Cain thought over in his head as he felt Edward move a little, so he turned to slide off the other's lap with his own wince of pain, but he smiled, "You relax now..."

Ed whimpered slightly as the warmth went away and he leaned towards it again, ending up falling over onto Cain, but rolling over quickly after and laying beside him instead, so as not to further injure himself or the other boy. "I'll clean it all up tomorrow...I just...don't have the energy right now, Taisa..." He curled up into a fetal position, cuddling against Cain for warmth and comfort as he closed his eyes.

Cain had a few wide blinking moments because everyone around him seemed to get attatched, unlike others who had seemed to hate him. He moved his hand out to place it on Edward's shoulder, "It's going to be ok," He tried to reassure the other the best he could, "You should really rest, I am sure sleep could replenish everything.."

"Sorry...about the mess...I promise....I'll fix the morning..." The blonde nuzzled into the touch, eyes squeezed shut and relaxing. "Thanks...for being there...Roy..." There were no more words as the blonde drifted off to sleep amidst the wreckage.

Cain looked sad, he wished he could just bring Roy in here to fix Edward's troubles, but he slowly stood and removed his tattered cloak, it was the only clothing that seemed to have been held up since it was over his shoulders, he then placed it over Edward's form and slowly left the area, to return for help, comfort, anything.

Timeline: Post-series, Ed's still in the same world as everyone else.
Setting: A witch burning post.
Extra Notes: This is a small section, the first paragraph was made into a drabble.

Part 3: Hatred

There was the sound of approaching steps. Uneven sounds on the dirt from boot-clad feet. One step was hollow, metallic, the next soft and natural. The steps alternated this way until they stopped at the edge of the clearing. A boy of fifteen stood there at the edge of the trees, blonde bangs blown in his face as a breeze picked up and slowed. Golden eyes gazed fierce and reminescient at the pole in the center of the clearing. Red coat rustled with the leaves in the wind, and the boy didn't move. Just stared, as that boiling hatred and equally raging guilt rose in his chest. Edward hated this place. This place reminded him of his father, the one he hated more than anyone in the world. Until recently at least. It was only recently after all that he found out the truth. And that was why he hated this place. He knew that not far off to the west was an empty and barren field. He knew that field once was a village. He knew that village was the first sacrifice that began four hundred years of pain and suffering for this world's people. That village had been used to create the first Philosopher's Stone. And there his hatred came around to a full circle again, for it was his father who created that stone. He had seen another world on the other side of the Gate. At first he thought it was "Truth" but he was wrong. It was Hell. Edward hated this place.

A young man was on his way to find out the information on the lost Mayfair witches, he had heard they were still around put had to make sure there was any evidence for himself to see. He was wearing a black scarf that tucked neatly under his golden eyes to conceal himself from identity and the cold. He was wearing a large black cloak that draped down to his ankles, as he was wearing a black shirt with a white blouse underneath it, he was also wearing a black cloak, and a top hat to hide his brunette hair. He slowly walked on a trail to approach the supposed place where the witches had been burned.

Lost in bitter memories, Edward didn't even hear the approaching steps, and stood firm, gloved hands, one metal and one flesh and blood, shoved into his pants pockets. Again the wind blew.

The stranger's gaze travelled to a lone figure but he had passed it to stand near the rocks, and the pole, he slowly reached in the side of his cloak to take out a pen and small notebook, he held it up and started to make small notes on the area.

He hated this place. But then why had he come here? Edward was torn from his thoughts as another figure stepped past him, and he caught a glimpse of golden eyes. The surge of hatred, guilt, and remorse took him by surprise. But there were no golden blonde whisps of hair that fell past that hat, only the faint hint of brunette. Not even realizing it, Edward heaved out a sigh of relief. The eyes might have been the same, but this man was no relative of his. He was thankful.

The other man wrote the words out 'No traces of blood', on the notebook before placing them back into his cloak, he looked around once more, making sure he didn't miss anything on the rocks and pole. He paused, as his gaze turned to the lone figure again, his golden eyes seemed coated with a gentle friendly stare, but he had walked forward a little, to tap one of the rocks with the tip of his shoe.

There was a flash of blazing helium in Edward's eyes and the smell of fire and blood filled his nostrils. He could almost feel the heat. And then it was gone. Just like that, it was gone. The Zepplins...the rotting body of his father...this other boy named Edward Elric.

The stranger lifted his foot to place it on the rock so he could tip it over, he examined the dirt that was on it before looking away, he suddenly felt sick and turned more pale, he clenched his first and dropped the rock so the maggots under it would be no longer exposed, he coughed, and moved away from it to gain his sanity.

Edward shivered slightly, face paled as he turned his back on the clearing. Uneven steps faded away into the distance as the blaze of red fabric disappeared from sight.

R/R, please! x-posted to fm_alchemist fma_yaoi fma_fiction
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