I run on coffee and impatience (melts) wrote in fm_alchemist,
I run on coffee and impatience

Theory about Al, episode 51, movie, etc.

Regarding the ending of episode 51...

Al was restored (yay), but he can't seem to remember anything from the past four years. Well, I thought one way of explaining it is that our beloved Armor!Al never really existed in the first place. Restored!Al and Armor!Al are two separate beings. Armor!Al was essentially a piece of armor with a soul imprint, made by Ed with his leg, that mirrors how Restored!Al would've been. This then would also explain why Armor!Al doesn't really have any concrete memories before the failed transmutation (since in one episode 17?, he asks Winry who this one girl was in the village, cuz he couldn't really remember). I certainly hope this isn't true...cuz that would mean Restored!Al will never remember what happened in the past four years ;_;. What do you guys think?

And then there's teh crack logic..genetic..uh. theory:
If both Envy and Ed have hot asses (hey, one Japanese site devotes itself entirely to Ed's behind XD)...and they both are Hohenheim's son...that would mean Hohenheim has a hot ass too, no?

*runs away*
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