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completely pointless and fluffy

Haven't been here in a while, cause I've been avoiding spoilers. But! I just got all caught up thanks to jpegasus and I felt the strange urge to write this fic.

Title: A Family Man?
Pairing: Roy/Riza
Rating: so very G

A Family Man? by Zinjadu

Roy wandered from stall to stall in the marketplace, idly picking at fruit and vegetables for dinner tonight. Dinner with Riza, like every night of the week. At home. It was strange, for a man who had so long dated woman after woman to find himself tied down to a home, a woman, a life. And he liked it. That was very disturbing at first.

She never put up with any of his tricks, and even had him trained. Yes, trained. Thoroughly wiped. He was man enough to admit that. And yet. And yet, he was happy. He felt lighter, freer.

Whistling some random notes, he paid for his purchases and left the market. What had begun to disturb him lately were small imaginings, almost fantasies of children with black hair and reddish-brown eyes running around their house. That was a new one. He could concede that he enjoyed being a taken man, but to admit that he wanted children.

He was turning into Hughes.

Roy stopped on the sidewalk in front of their house. Black Hyate was in the yard burying another bone. He could see Riza in the sitting room through the large picture window. And he wondered, would it really be so bad? Probably.

But why not? He would talk to Riza about it over dinner.

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