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Not again!!

I'm so sorry! This is yet another Photoshop movie poster edit on crack *gets shot*

It does contain ep. 51 spoilers, yada yada.

I don't know how many of you remember a Disney picture from the 80s called The Flight of the Navigator. It's about a kid abducted by a spaceship, that made test on him and put galaxy maps on his head. Then it puts him back on Earth, but 8 years had passed, and he finds his family had moved and they had grown old, and he doesn't understand what had happened to him and why he looked the same, since those 8 years didn't pass on him.

Anyway, enough summaries. With that piece of info, my choice of edition is kind of obvious:

And the original one:

Please notice I didn't just paste Al's head. I added something else, and the first one who finds it, gets a virtual cookie (yeah, we know it's the kitty, move along... XD)
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