clydeside (tamarajoy) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Guess what? Photoshop edits!

Yeah, yeah. More edits. No spoilers, but an lj cut anyway, because of images.

With the onslaught of edits lately, I think we tend to find more inspiration than usual in everyday things. Such as the artwork on my piano books. My current piano book has Les Sabots by Francois Boucher on the cover. You can look at the original here. Now frankly, this image is just asking to be edited.

I *was* going to do RizaxRoy, but I couldn't find a decent profile image of Roy. So now it's RizaxHavoc (and Havoc seems to know he's gonna be killed by Roy later).

This one is AlxEd. Because I like this pairing. HHAHAHA.

The end.
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