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some new ficcage, whoa.

apologies for everyone wanting ah! masuta-sensei 2; school has destroyed my brain lately and all I've had time for lately are ficlets. Soon, I promise. <3

I'm attempting the Liza 12 themes - here's the first two. I'll post all the rest of them together when I finish them, which should be soon. Fake LJ cuts are our friends.

Title: A welcomed rain / to a city in ruins (4, 5 of Liza Hawkeye 12 themes)
Category: Fluff (4), introspection (5)
Pairing: None

( Let's step out of the shadow of the Flame Alchemist for five seconds, shall we? )

La la, let's delve into PAIRINGS LAND! Both are giftficlets for neko_yasha001, who demanded I write stuff to what she drew. Both are PGish, nothing your parents would get angry at. And fluffy, like bunnies.

Title: Definitely
Category: Fluff
Pairing: Roy/Liza.

( Perfect in the predictability of her behavior; he expected this reaction.)

Title: Behind Speech
Category: Fluff
Pairing/Warning: Roy/Ed and language (we ALL know they talk to each other like that).

( Ed jumps. '...It takes effort to slam that door, and you broke my concentration.' )

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