two thousand (wanderingwidget) wrote in fm_alchemist,
two thousand

Calcination Update (fic)

Yes, it's true, I can actually freaking update my fics... kind of eventually ah heck whatever.

GENERAL WARNINGS: This is a yaoi fic. It is a work in progress. There is non-con and badly written sex. Angst has reached a new level of high with this fic and crack may or may not make an appearance.

Due to the fact that LJ is still being a royal pain in the arse I uploaded slightly edited versions of Chapters one and two to my GJ.

You can find all of the chapters to date of Calcination nicely lined up for you here.

Chapter Three (which is the new one) is waiting patiently for you right here.

Notes, there is torture and bad attempts at humour in chapter three, read at your own risk.

x-posted to my own journal.
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