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Latest Animage pics ....ENVY LOVE!...And ol' pics too! And the TOPS!

Latest Animage has ED!ness. Beautiful ENVY!ness, and somewhat (more than) hinting Edvy ness, and Roy-ness too. I'm sorry if these have arleeady been posted.There's also some extra pictures, though some might have (probably) already been posted.
Have a nice meal and onto the gallery love,baby!

We start of with the cover pic, also found in the credits thingie now after the ED...Glomp the angelic Ed!
Image hosted by ImageHost.org

We now continue with the first page of a Envy-Dante-Ed picture...Who said threesome? Incest x 3 o.O.
Image hosted by ImageHost.org
...continuation of pic above...Envy is hawt stuff,my dears.

Image hosted by ImageHost.org

Now, the Roy-hawtness.
Image hosted by ImageHost.org

...Followed by the BOTTOM of the Roy hawtness...
Image hosted by ImageHost.org

...And now, the classics [or: Ones that must have probably been osted already]:
The basketball one...
Image hosted by ImageHost.org
The Pimp Winry one...
Image hosted by ImageHost.org
and the Dream Carnival advert one!
Image hosted by ImageHost.org

All self-scanned, because I'm too greedy to steal(?). And scanning obsesses me @_@(sad.)

Oh, and the character tops too:

1- (and irremplaceable), Our Ed!
2-the boiling hot Taisa, Roy Mustang!
6-Riza.Damn,she's usually first in Animedia.
16-Arufonsu Erurikku, the cutest armor there is.
17-And Winry Rockbell. Because she rawks...err..Tinkerbell?(don't mind the bad puns)
26-MAES HUGHES! Loved for ever and ever.

Done! I apologize if these have already been scanned(though I'd expect so for some^^;;). Oh,and there's also 'older' pics in Animage, I mean, ones that have been already released(like, ENvy holding Ed by the poneytail) but didn't quite scan them. Though, say if you're interested, I'm planning on a scans gallery.
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