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25 January 2004 @ 11:47 am
A couple more huge scans.  
I didn't notice this before, but the Jan issue of Animedia had a little comic with the FMA seiyuu. I have absolutely no idea what's going on, but Rie Kugimiya makes an Al face on the second page. ¬_¬ Dunno if anyone's bored enough to translate it, since its' handwritten and there's a LOT of writing.
Page one and page two.
I did find a few other things to scan while flipping through the magazines, but I gotta go to work. Xb *dashes off*
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桃色司書emukatze on January 25th, 2004 05:05 pm (UTC)
:D Thanks for explaining what's going on.. I was really wondering, especially about the weird noises Paku Romi was making on the first page. ^^; Rie Kugimiya's so cute in that comic.. XD
Le prince des ténèbrescfirefly on January 25th, 2004 06:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Sankyuu~
Yayay! Thanks for the summary <3 <3 <3

If I had done it it would have been more... vague... lol ^^;;;