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Photoshop Edit !!! (OMG! When will it end?!!!)

Hi everybody! I was inspired by all of the photoshop edits, so I decided to make some contributions to the madness! I never knew breaking people's brains is so fun! =D

Hawkeye X Barry! OTP!!! Because someone has to do it!

Also made 2 versions of the same poster and not as mind-breaking:

There is the original "The Butcher's Wife" movie poster:

By the way, in case you can't read the little white text under "There's Magic in the Air," it says:
"She's a psychic who's turning New Yorkers into lovers. Obviously, she's from out of town."

Here is another and totally different photoshop edit:

Here is the original "The Alchemist" movie poster:

Yes, SV-chan, you can use my photoshop edits for your FMA photoshop war website. :)
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