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Fic: Hunger Roy/Ed/Al

Woop! Roy/Ed/Al smut. Go me! Second time ever writing smut, first time for FMA, and I'm doing a threesome. Why, yes, I am insane.

Title: Hunger
Author: GW Katrina
Betas: Kinslayer and Amanda. If something is screwy, it's my fault, not theirs.
Notes: I'm not joking. It's Roy/Ed/Al smut.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were, this trio would be canon, and the show would still be going.
Feedback: Of course. Let me know how bad I screwed up.
Archiving: If you actually want it, I'll let you have it. After the men in the white coats get you first, though. *smirks*


I can feel his eyes on us.

And it makes me feel more loved.

I can feel Al pant between my legs, and it makes me smile as I watch his face. The moonlight has made his eyes look even more silver. At least it does when he actually has his eyes open.

My thighs burn, just a little, as I rock myself back and forth. The delicious feeling of Al sliding in and out of me makes me want to go faster. But I resist temptation for once as I glance over to the one who watches both of us.

His eyes are hungry, like those of a big cat. It makes me shiver, to be the focus of such an intense feeling. Al loves me, I know that, or else I wouldn’t be doing this, and I love him. But there is something about Roy that makes my stomach clench, and a heat around him that isn’t the result of the fire he so easily wields.

Al’s breathing hitches, and I revel in the power I feel as he presses up, trying to bury himself deeper in my body.

And. It. Feels. Goooood.

My head feels heavy as the warmth that’s building begins to rise up my body, and I let my neck relax. The feel of hair slithering down my spine as my head tips back is an interesting sensation. From the shiver that runs through Al, it’s tickling him, too, and my smile grows.

A warm hand presses against my lower back, and since both of Al’s are on my hips, that hand had better damn well belong to Roy. When it’s replaced with soft lips, I give my own twitch that brings a gasp of “Niisan,” from Al, and a chuckle from Roy.

Those lips trace my spine, finally settling on my neck, just hard enough to tease. Opening my eyes, unsure of when they slid shut, I turn my head just enough to see Roy. A smug smirk is all he gives me as he brings his body flush against me, rubbing his erection against my back. It takes only a second, and he moves in perfect time with me as we both rock over Al’s body. Stealing a glance at Al shows me that he’s watching us, his own version of the hunger curled there.

Roy’s hands curls around my body, sliding over Al’s fingers as they travel towards my erection. Now it’s my turn to gasp as those hot fingers curl around me, slowly sliding up and down the shaft in time with our slow motions over Al.

The lips on my neck curl as Roy smiles, vibrating with his laughter. The sensation shoots straight to my cock, and I begin to move faster, now rocking on Al and against Roy. As I move faster, so do the hands on me.

Looking down at Al, I drink in the sight that lies before me. His head is pushed back into the pillow, eyes closed as he tries so hard to not thrust into me, to let me do the work. The sheen of sweat on his body picks up and reflects off the lean form he now has, and I can’t help but grin.

He’s perfect, and he’s all mine.

Well, mine and Roy’s.

I can’t see what that arrogant bastard behind me is doing, but I can feel it. He’s rubbing himself against me even as I pump myself into his hands. My hands are on Al’s stomach, and I can feel the muscles under my fingertips tighten as a keen begins to build up from somewhere deep within my brother.

The noise finally breaks free as Al gives up his fight and thrusts up. He can’t get too far, not with both Roy and me on him, but it’s a good effort, and I can feel his release as he throbs inside of me. The feel of it makes me tighten, and I can feel the pressure starting to build.

Roy’s muttering curses as he pushes himself harder against my skin. In the back of my mind, it’s amusing to realize that I’m the quietest of all three of us. Who’d have thought?

But even that bizarre part of my brain goes white as Roy’s hand tightens on me just enough to send me over. I spasm in his hand, and a second later I can feel him pressed hard against my back, hot and hard.

Below me, Al shifts, moving to sit up. Doing so, I can feel him slide from me, and a twinge of loss runs through me.

But only for a moment.

Even as Al sits up to kiss me, Roy is moving. My soft cry as he slides in is caught on Al’s tongue. Another noise escapes me as Roy begins to move, knocking me forward slightly. His arm wraps around my waist just as Al grabs my shoulders to help brace me. Al smiles his wonderful, sweet smile as I lean forward for another kiss.

Somehow my hair’s gotten all around us, and all I can see is Al, looking so beautiful with a sated look in his eyes. And all I can feel is Roy sliding in and out of me, far faster that what I was doing with Al.

Then Roy pushes his weight down on me, enough so that I’m now on my hands and knees, Al trapped below me. Not that he looks too unhappy about it. If biology would let me, I’d be hard just from that look he’s giving me.

Stars explode behind my eyes as Roy changes positions, pushing in at a new angle. His hands move to clamp tight against my hips as he thrusts, and I hear him saying something. However, I think he just sent my brain dribbling out of my ear, so I don’t actually understand him.

My confusion must show on my face, because Al leans up and whispers into my ear. “He’s complimenting you, Niisan.” The whisper turns husky, and I suck in a shallow breath. “He’s saying how good you feel.”

The feel of Al’s lips against my ear sends shivers down my spine. But he’s still talking. “I agree. I think you feel very, very good.” His tongue brushes my ear. “Taste good, too.”

A particularly hard thrust hits something that turns my growl into a howl, and I dimly hear Roy gasp-laugh.

Al also smiles. “What was that, Niisan?”

“I hate biology. Hate it.”

I’m sure that Al doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but I don’t really care. Roy’s fingers are digging deep into my hips as his thrusts grow wilder. His breath is hard and hot against my back, and I can only push back against him.

“Ed-ward,” Roy grunts as he thrusts into me one last time and pauses. My fingers tighten, twisting the sheets between them as a low moan rolls from him. Oh. Gods. A moan of my own escapes from me as he comes.

Sighing, Roy slumps against me, heavy enough to send me down as well. Somehow we manage to not crush Al, and we land to the side of him, all three of us panting. Al murmurs what sounds like “bakas” before he leans over to kiss me. Roy sits up enough to gain his own kiss from Al, and then flops back to the bed, pressing heavily against my back.

As I relax into my normal post-sex mindmelt, I feel lips brush my ear as Roy whispers something. “Next time you decide to have sex in the middle of the night, make sure I’m awake first.”

Mmm. Good sex and a way to irritate Roy. I can sleep happy now.

I'm also nuts because I'm not only doing NaNoWriMo this November, I'm also going to Sugoicon as well. I'll be sitting in line somewhere, discussing slashy pairings and working on my fic.
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