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Hagaren "Complete Best" Not an OST?

Well, er--yeah that seems to be the case as I decided while taking a small break from homework to go to the officianl anime site and look at the stuff for the Complete Best thing.

Using my non-existant l33t japanese skills I decided to bring to you the content of this "Complete Best". Straight from the official site. Like woah. (Corrections are very much appreciated!)

TV Series "Fullmetal Alchemist" COMPLETE BEST
CD & DVD (2-discs)

On Sale October 14th, 2004
3 500 Yens

Premium Box Set
Limited Edition January 31st 2005

[insert photo of the thing the CD and DVD come in]
[insert photo of CD case and DVD case]

[insert photos of all the OP/ED singles]
(song/group, artist)
1. 『メリッサ』 Melissa- Porno Graffiti; 2. 『消せない罪』Kesenai Tsumi- Nana Kitade; 3. READY STEADY GO- L'arc~en~Ciel; 4. 『扉の向こうへ』Tobira no Mukou he- YeLLOW Genereation; 5. UNDO- COOL JOKE; 6. Motherland- Crystal Kay; 7. 『リライト』Rewrite- ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 8. I Will- Sowelu

DVD: TV Anime OP/ED Non-Credit ver. (aka Creditless)

Guide Booklet, CD, [3-piece] DVD, Special 12 OP Booklet [eh? *blinks*]

Premium Box
(Basically says there's a Box jacket, some stuff by Itou Yoshiyuki [Character Designer and fellow who sketches all those drool-worthy pics you find of Ed and co. in Animage, Animedia etc.], er--yeah *gets lazy and stops there*)

Page is here

So in sum,

TV Series "Fullmetal Alchemist" COMPLETE BEST
2-discs (1 CD, 1 DVD)
CD has 8 tracks which are all the OP and ED singles.
DVD will include creditless versions of the OPs and EDs.
DVD is Region 2 (not for US & Canada)
Complete Best will be released Oct 14th
The Premium Box edition will be released Jan 31st, 2005
Bones is not behind any of this
No, I don't know Aniplex's or Sony's contact info.

Perhaps one can consider the possibility of the "OST2" being released around the time of the movie?

...Or there is the possibility that I mis-read a kana or two or three and really "supesharu bukkuretto" is super-secret-talk for "orijinaru saondo torakku" and the 8 tracks are all being temporarily given the names of the OPs and EDs. Uh-huh. *end optimistic moment*

Usually, I'd end this with "Enjoy!" but I wont. o_o;

EDIT:...Shh, I'm quite aware there's a comma for the Yen price...Not my fault that I write all numbers past 1 000 in french style. =P
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