Syd (xkesshoux) wrote in fm_alchemist,

My Fandom FMA icons!

Sometimes I think that I should just shoot myself.

And just something a friend requested from me, which I found entirely too hilarious to pass up, and was surprised I hadn't seen it done yet. If it has been done, I wanna see how much better they did than me.

Behind the cut:

1. 2. 3. 4.

If you use them, credit meh onegai! ^^; I've been making avatars for a long time now, just a different style than most people do here, which is odd, but hey, people loved them on the forum I went to, so I'll take requests if you want. Just as a note: I CAN do animations, after all, I made MY icon out of a small comic I drew...e.e; I do all my icons actually. ^^;

Now the question: I'm trying to collect all the FMA My Fandom icons, and My Fandom icons from other series. If you see any or have made any can I please please please mooch them from you! -Squeal-

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