[Z] (zyraxus) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Sacraficial Offering of Icons

Hallo, Zoe is new to this community, so I might as well say 'hi' here as well. *wave*

Today on a whim I decided to get a paid livejournal account here, then shortly after went on an icon-making spree in celebration. This would be the first bunch of icons I've ever made, so I have no idea how crappy they are. >>;


First off we have a series of sorts. Lyrics are from 'No Surface All Feeling' by Manic Street Preachers. I plan on making a few more with lyrics from this song, but that shall come later.

Then there's some random bases.

And finally, some crack.

Feel free to edit the text-less ones as you like. Comment to tell me which ones you take, if you actually want one... XD Do credit, as well.

I'll take a few requests if you have something specific in mind. o_o; I have all the episodes downloaded, though they're all subbed... so getting a specific scene can be tricky.
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