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(un-dramatic) Envy drabble.

Struck by heavenly inspiration (read: not wanting to revise my physics), I bring you today...a drabble. Yes, horror. I haven't been writing for two years, and my fandom love was HunterxHunter. Since, I would believe, my style is rather weak, I'd be very happy to receive feedback.

Title: 'Happy Birthday, Envy' (oh gosh,how amazingly original)
Genre:...wouldn't go as far as to pretend humor, but NOT drama.
Rating: G
Pairings Very slightly hinted Envy/Ed.
Word cout: Didn't count but not much.
Summary: Envy. Birthday. Moofy gets present for him. Can't summarize more or it'll kaboom the thing.

Struck by sudden Homunculus-fraternity, Wrath decided , as he knew today was Envy's birthday (this detail is left to the discretion of the author,sorry. In other words,it means I just needed a reason for Wrath to get a present for Envy, and am highly unimaginative) to, as for once, accomplish a good deed and buy Envy a present.

Actually, 'buy' is here a rather inappropriate word-for, Wrath still being a meanie, a more proper term would have been 'steal'. If we were to get even more precise, we would replace the verb 'steal' by 'transmuting with' - but that is actually not the point. Yes, this is actually just filler text because I needed just a little more textual concistancy , please do not mind me.
So, our sweet Wrath came back to the Sin's home, so strikingly smelly that it even reduced (by a small percentage, that is) Gluttony's desire to eat the pale,hairy thing in black shorts hald as less. Okay, maybe a quarter as less. Or just a little as less. Not the point.

So, our Wrath went to Envy.

Found him sitting on a sofa that was randomly put there simply for the sole plot of the story.

Wrath approached him, smiling broadly.

' Happy Birthday Envy! I got you lots of Edwards for your birthday!'

And with that, dropped twice a dozen (equals twenty-four) pink shrimps on the older/sadistic-er/hotter/seme-er Homunculus' lap.

The End.

Feedback would be most appreciated!
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